The best toys for Christmas and New Year 2020

The most current news of the year in the category Dolls and accessories, as well as the most interesting products from the category of Interactive toys, designers, soft toys, slime, game weapons and cars, board games and pleasant little things as a gift for everyone and everyone! New in 2019, which will be ideal gifts for 2020 for boys and girls!

TOP 30 best gifts for the New Year 2020, and even more!

Holiday Barbie 2019: New Year 2020!

Red is again the main color of the winter holidays for Holiday Barbie 2019. This doll was created for the winter season 2019-2020, for the New Year 2020. And she’s so festive! ..

Three versions (with different shades of skin and hair). More detail.


L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G.

Sensational doll novelty of the second half of 2019 from L.O.L. Surprise! Fashion dolls, LOL in a completely new format! The height of the dolls is 28 cm, and they can be changed.

In total, 2 episodes were released. In the first series of 4 unique dolls. In the second 4 large dolls and 4 little sisters. Learn more

Capsule Chix

This Moose Toys doll collection comes with the motto Build Your Own Surprise Fashion Doll. Series 1 Capsule Chix (which consists of 4 Capsule Chix collections) was released in 2019, it represents dolls in the form of android girls.

The dolls are 4.5 inches tall and fully mobile! They have 14 points of articulation! Billions of combinations! More details.

Wild Hearts Crew, Mattel Dolls

From Mattel, creators of the iconic Barbie doll! A completely new line of dolls – Wild Hearts Crew, new 2019. Introducing friendly girls who challenge everyone! These are movable dolls of different stature and physique – Team Wild Hearts! This is not Barbie or DC Superhero, this is a new line of dolls.

These dolls can become a bridge between children, teenagers and adult doll collectors.

L.O.L. Surprise glamper

A spacious tourist camper, a motor home, in which you can place all your favorite dolls and send them on an unforgettable journey.

The car has lights inside and out, various sounds.

Inside the camper – 10 play areas, an exclusive doll included, 50 surprises, the front part disconnects and becomes a typewriter! More details.

Enchantimals Junglewood Cafe & Peeki Parrot Doll

A special house for special dolls. We mean a new enchantimals doll which call Parrot Doll. In the set you will find an original enchantimals doll with her pet, of course this is a parrot. In addition, you will find a special cafe Junglewood Cafe. The cafe has two levels and several playset zones.

You can “invite” others enchantimals dolls for a cup of tea in a cafe and have a great time in one of the special areas for relaxation: sit in company on a huge table, maybe sit at the bar or even ride in a hammock in the form of a banana.

Nerf Laser Blasters in Fortnite style

Company Nerf has repeatedly surprised its fans. Firstly, of course, the quality of toys and, most importantly, the safety of their products. But this time, the manufacturers decided to surprise everyone with their imagination.

This year, the Nerf company has launched a whole series of weapons in the style of the mega popular Fortnight game. Each type of such weapon was unique and resembled a specific element from the game. More details see here.

L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise! More 60 surprises

A variety of surprises, there are more than 60 of them in box! There are 2 LOL dolls, 2 little LOL mini-doll sisters, 5 salt bombs with surprises, accessories for dolls (clothes, shoes, hats, etc.).

Gift from the catalog L.O.L Surprise! – it’s always great!

Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Small Mall

A unique house from Shopkins. The peculiarity of this house is its secret. Use the key that is in the set and then you have a house to figure out, secret levels will open and you will get additional play zones for the game. Well, that’s not all. In the set you will find the car and the Shopkins doll. In this house, several Shopkins dolls can live. More detail about this house here.

L.O.L. Surprise! Doll House Chalet serie Winter Disco

This year, LOL company once again surprised its fans with the variety of its products. One of the most popular and most interesting products of Lol Surprise was a set called Chalet. Chalet – is a multi-level house with furniture, as well as a unique family inside. This set even has its own elevator and toilet bowl with sound. More detail here

HairDUDEables boys

Do you remember the dolls of the series Hairdorables? Now they have brothers – HairDUDEables. Like their little sisters brothers HairDUDEables look stylish, fashionable and very modern. Of course, the brothers do not have such long hair, but still their hairstyles are very stylish, and the hair color is sometimes very surprising. The set also contains surprises and gifts. Learn more

Kindi Kids dolls

New in this season are the dolls of the series Kindi Kids. Firstly, these are dolls for preschool children. They look like a real baby, so your child will just be happy to have such a sister as a gift. Kindi Kids special dolls, these are sweets dolls.

Each doll is an image of some kind of sweets: cake, marshmallow, donut or ice cream. Only 4 dolls in this series. Another main feature of such dolls is their accessories. Each accessory interacts with a doll. Learn more

Beyblade Burst Evolution

The new Beyblade Burst Evolution toys are the latest in 2019, a hit evolution! Hasbro unveiled the latest additions to the Beyblade Burst toy line at the 2018 New York Toy Fair. These are new items that can be the most desired gifts for boys. The fastest spinning tops, arenas for launch, additions in the application!

Poopsie Rainbow Girl Surprise series

Lovely unicorns have been replaced by charming dolls Poopsie Rainbow Girl. As before in this series of toys you can make unique slimes, but that’s not all. Now your slimes will have a direct purpose, for example, become a part of the clothes. Interesting? Learn more about this series of toys you can here.

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