Fashion Fins Mermaze Mermaidz fall 2022 line-up. Update new dolls

Another update this fall 2022. It looks like fans will have a large number of dolls to choose from. All dolls from the new line Fashion Fins Mermaze Mermaidz receive updates in appearance and accessories. As for the series Fashion Fins, it looks like a fin update is expected here.

According to the manufacturers, the doll’s fin will change to a decorative one. How exactly the doll will look like after the update, we will be able to show you very soon, but at the moment the company has not provided any photos. Looking forward to new updates for Mermaze Mermaidz fall 2022 line-up?

Then follow the information, we will definitely show you all the new items and make a review of new dolls


44.99 USD to 59.99 EUR

Release Date

You will buy updated dolls in fall 202

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