LOL Surprise Winter Disco #OOTD Outfit of the day & Fashion Big Sister Snow Jamz

Alright here we go. We’ve got so many surprises in here look at the top of the box – we’ve got like this glittery sparkly pocket. Alright let’s unzip this pocket. We’ll just start right here. We got something in the pockets, here is Snow Jams. This is the exclusive LOL big sister. “Me first” so we need to get her out and look at all these different surprise stores.

Alright Snow Jams time to come up. She is great and she has nice gold hoop earrings. Interesting what surprises we have for her inside of this big giant surprise box. So now we need to get her all dressed.

Next we need to looking for door number two. When you open this door you will find little sippy bottle. This is a really cool one. It’s got
like that really cool design printed on it. Door number three push it and uou will find dress. This animal print dress. That’s like zebra and cheetah at the same time. It is her first outfit. She definitely need some shoes.

Push the door number 4 and you will find a cool pair of shoes. How about these amazing boots. So soft and fuzzy, they to have a little bit of some fur right on the top. Oh those are so awesome she needs to wear. At the door number 5 you will find really cool bag. It looks like it’s made out of ice because of the way that it’s like transparent. It’s got that really cool little print on it that matches her little four little travel mug and she can carry her.

At the small door number 6 we’ve got a cool top. It’s another animal print. For the next door you will find a skirt to the one that has the appropriate colors and print. A total of 25 surprises. Among which you will find both accessories for the doll and clothing sets. Each set is unique and unique. Thus, you can change new images and styles of your own Snow Jamz doll. Learn more about this doll you can  here.

What is included in the set?

  • Unique doll whick call Snow Jamz
  • boots
  • clothes (several original sets)
  • accessories
  • bottle
  • earrings
  • bags
  • a cap
  • and much more

Unpack video review #OOTD Outfit of the day & Snow Jamz doll

You will be the first to will see the unpacking of a new set LOL Surprise Winter Disco #OOTD Outfit serie 2. Where you can buy such a set and what price for the set you can find here.

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