Rainbow High Fashion Dolls. Collect the Rainbow!

Rainbow Surprise Rainbow High fashion dolls

The summer of 2020 will bring us many surprises in the world of toys. Among which is Rainbow High fashion Dolls. A whole collection of dolls is expected in this series, including two playsets.

In addition, all dolls have articulation, which means that you will have access to even more options for the game. The collection features 5 dolls. Each doll has its own rainbow color.

Rainbow High dolls 1 5
Violet Willow (Violet)
Rainbow High dolls 1
Ruby Anderson (Red)
Rainbow High dolls 1 2
Sunny Madison (Yellow)
Rainbow High dolls 1 3
Jade Hunter (Green)
Rainbow High dolls 1 4
Skyler Bradshaw (Blue)


All dolls are made very high quality. They have glass eyes and a stylish outfit. Each doll includes 20 surprises.

In addition, for connoisseurs of the brand was created for the game set. One of them has a personal wardrobe, and the second one has everything for applying makeup.

Fashion Studio Avery Styles

In the wardrobe you will find:

  • 10 outfits
  • 4 pairs of shoes
  • 1 wig.
  • Comb and hair clips.
  • Other surprises.
  • Using these accessories you can create more than 300 unique compositions.


Rainbow High dolls 126

Fashion Hair Studio

Open your Fashion beauty Studio with a unique doll and 5 sets of hair colors. In addition, the set has a stylish comb, hair clips and a hair tool.



Rainbow High dolls 15 Rainbow High dolls 171


Real photos of Rainbow High fashion dolls

Below, you can watch dolls without their stylish outfits.

Also, on the Internet we found these dolls in other outfits. Agree, they look very stylish in any outfits.


The price of each doll will be $ 26.99. The price of the sets is still unknown.

Release date:

There is no exact release date, but most likely it will be released this summer. Follow the news

Where to buy?

Very soon, you will be able to buy them in Amazon, Target, Wolmart and others.

Short info:

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 11 inches
Regular price: $ 26.99
Start of sales:Summer 2020
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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  1. When does Avery come out she was supposed to be out in June? Why do you only talk about everyone but the purple girl?

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