Poopsie Rainbow Girl Surprise series 1: Pixie Rose & Rainbow Dream 20+surprises

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise where to buy

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise is another new summer of 2019! Like Lol Omg, they will be as tall as Barbie, but with additional surprises and a Slime for children.

Poopsie Rainbow Girls

The design of new boxes of dolls is intriguing. The style resembles a slime unicorns, but instead of a horn, a girl looks out through a rainbow.

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise pre-order now series 1

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise

The boxes with the Rainbow Surprise Doll dolls attract the attention with their bright design and the presence of more than 20 surprises hidden inside.

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise series 1 Pixie Rose & Rainbow Dream 20+surprises

In the first season there will be 4 different Poopsie dolls. Each has its own unique style and unusual hair color: pink, lilac, blue and rainbow.

Pixie Rose and Rainbow Dream come with adorable outfits and bags. It makes it easy for you to make it up.

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise all info

All dolls are very different and interesting, so they can have:

  • Tattoos on arms
  • Stylish handbags
  • An individual set of clothes. Their jackets can be customized with slime.
  • The set will also include a slime – 11 ingredients (it’s impossible to imagine Poopsie toys without Slime).

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise buy it now

Each doll has its own interests. For example, Pixie Rose loves to roller-skate, wear high knee-highs, drink carbonated drinks and comb her long hair.

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise buy it now

Poopsie Rainbow Doll has awesome, long hair! She also loves high knee-highs and a pink color (her shoes are just in this color). She also likes to go everywhere with a cute rainbow-shaped bag, make hairstyles and slimes.

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise release date

It remains unknown whether the dolls have articulated arms and legs. But, very soon we will know about it!

The kit includes 11 ingredients for creating a slime and a storage tank:

  • 4 x Rainbow surprise.
  • 3 x Rainbow Shimmer
  • 2 x Rainbow Magic
  • 1 x Rainbow Sparkle
  • 1 x Rainbow Nichlighter

Release date:

Most likely the company MGA Entertainment plans to release this new product on August 1, 2019.


There is no official confirmed price for these dolls, but it is rumored that it will cost $ 54.99

Short Description:

Manufacturer:MGA and Poopsie
Age: 3+
Gender: Unisex
Size: ----
Regular price:~$ 49.99
Start of sales:August - September 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart




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  1. $50-$55 for one doll … will be collecting exactly zero of them .. dang shame too .. they actually look cute

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