L.O.L. Surprise Amazing Surprise – Ultimate Unboxing Experience

L.O.L. Surprise! Amazing Surprise with 14 Dolls & 70+ Surprises BUY IT NOW

Hello to all LOL fans!
You haven’t seen this before! On the Internet, we found photos of a huge set with two playsets and 14 dolls inside! Although we know a little information about this set, but it will be very popular among fans of LOL!

Let’s unbox LOL Amazing Surprise

It amazing surprise to playsets 14 exclusive dolls inside. There seventy surprises. The box is so big, so the manufacturers made a special handle for easy portability and transportation.

As soon as you unpack the package and take out the kit, you will see an interesting packaging design and a special arrangement of containers with surprises. A lot of clouds and a few free zones through which you can see as if the city below. These free zones are containers with surprises, but they are designed in the form of urban structures or various buildings.

Only 6 containers that you can unpack and get your own surprises. In the first container you will find the LOL doll from the series Little Sister. In the following containers you will find accessories for your doll and even a pet.

An important feature of this set is that all containers are numbered and have their own sequence number, so we recommend that you open surprises strictly following the numbering

You can start from the first container with the inscription Start Here. Than you need unzip to unbox and you will find more surprises. Turn the box and open big zipper. Opening the top layer of the set you will find a huge number of different surprises.

What you can find in such a set

  • First of all, two exclusive dolls LOL OMG (Swag + unique LOL OMG doll)
  • LOL doll series Little Sisters
  • LOL Doll
  • Pets of course
  • Of course, a huge number of sets clothes for your dolls
  • Doll accessories
  • Several pairs of shoes
  • Hair clips for dolls
  • Brush to take care of dolls
  • In this set, in addition to exclusive dolls, you are also expected to have exclusive LOL Boys doll
  • and of course here you will find many others surprises that you will like


Of course, the most expected in this set are:

  • 2 OMG dolls, the one of which is unique
  • 3 LOL Boy series
  • 3 LoL surprise Doll
  • 4 Lil sisters/brothers
  • 2  LOL surprise Pets

Each doll from this set has a card on which you will find important data about it. For example, what her name is. Opening such a set, in addition to dolls and accessories, you will find two keys that need to be combined into one key and cover the largest container with number 50. In this container you will find a unique LOL OMG doll, a doll that is not possible to get anywhere else.

The main feature of the set are two game zones. The presence of 2 game zones will make it possible to come up with various game scenarios.

Each set will give you an exciting and unforgettable unpacking experience. After all, you will receive 14 exclusive dolls, and more than 70+ surprises.

Parents no longer need to think about what to give their child for Christmas or New Year 2020. By purchasing this set, your child will receive a huge set of surprises and dolls inside.

Release Date and Pre-order:

The release date in Great Britain is November 4, in the United States – early October. Pre-order in Great Britain can be done now!


The retail price for Lil Sister is expected to be between $129.99.

Short Descriptions:

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: ------------
Regular price:~ $ 129,99
Start of sales:release date in USA is September or October
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart
DPCI: 086-02-5434


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