LOL Remix OMG Dolls! Kitty Queen, 80’s BB, Honey Bun and Lome with 25+ Surprises

LOL Remix OMG Dolls

LOL Remix – new summer / fall collection is now replenished with OMG Dolls series.  Presented 4 new, beautiful dolls: Kitty Queen, 80’s BB, Honey Bun and Lome.

LOL OMG Remix dolls – Kitty K, Lonestar, Pop B.B., Honeylicious

We already wrote about the latest in LOL Surprise World:

What Actually Is the LOL Remix OMG All About?

LOL Omg Remix will become a new puzzle that will open the words of the whole song. Each doll has a stylish outfit that makes them real artists.

Like the previous OMG series dolls, they have a size of 27 cm, which is very convenient for playing.

Collect Them All! Collect all 4 L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix Fashion dolls and reveal all their songs surprises.

Here we are waiting for the elder sisters:

LOL Remix OMG Kitty Queen
Remix OMG Kitty Queen

LOL OMG Remix Kitty K

LOL Remix OMG 80 BB
Remix OMG 80 BB

LOL OMG Remix Pop B.B.

LOL Remix OMG Honey Bun
Remix OMG Honey Bun

LOL OMG Remix Honeylicious

LOL Remix OMG Line Dancer
Remix OMG Line Dancer

LOL OMG Remix Lonestar

The names of the dolls are not yet known, but by their appearance I think it will not be difficult to guess who is related to whom. Dolls are very beautiful and in their own way personify a certain direction in music.

So let’s say Sister Kitty Queen resembles pop singer Ariana Grande.

The doll has long platinum hair and tall boots. And I want to make her a high ponytail. Of course, it’s impossible not to pay attention to these cute cat ears.

LOL Remix OMG Kitty Queen Doll

The next doll in this series is sister 80’s bb.

LOL Remix OMG Dolls where to buy
Her image reminds me very much of the singer Madonna in the 80s. This is not surprising, because it was Madonna who became the prototype
for her younger sister. The doll has a characteristic hairstyle from the 80s, a denim, as well as a cropped white lace dress.

The third doll – This is the sister of Line Dancer, she is a fan of country style. Therefore, she has a characteristic cowboy style.
The doll’s face is very cute and I was captivated by her green eyes and hairstyle.

LOL Remix OMG Line Dancer dolls

But here only the blind person will not notice a clear resemblance to Cosmic Nova and Bysy BB

LOL Remix OMG Line Dancer dolls different
But the doll is still the charm itself.

And the last doll is Honey Bun’s sister.

LOL Remix OMG Dolls price

The style of the doll is most likely Rap and R & B. She has pigtails instead of hair, like Swag. But there is a contrast of bright pink strands.
One cannot but mention a rather interesting khaki outfit. The doll’s face is very beautiful and I already see her shoes, they will most likely be like Neonlicious.

I believe that this line will be very popular, so the images of the dolls turned out to be very successful.


Unpacking will be multi-level and fun. You are waiting for more than 25 surprises. Each doll will have unique surprises and accessories. And the main goal is to find the words for the song.


The suggested retail price is $34,99.

Release Date:

Pre-order is possible from September 15th. Release date – September 25, 2020

Where to buy & Pre-order?

These dolls will be the most desired gift for any girl. Therefore, you can buy them in all online stores of the country. Starting from Amazon and ending with Target.

Short Info:

Manufacturer:LOL Surprise
Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: ----- inches
Price:~$ 34.99
Start of sales:Pre-order: September 15, 2020

Release date - September 25, 2020
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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