LOL Surprise Remix Fan Club Series Re-Released. New Doll Remix Series? Unboxing Video & Review

LOL Surprise Remix Fan Club
OMG Remix dolls will be re-released as LOL Surprise Remix Fan Club series. This is the photo of the ball with 80s BB on it’s cover, and we can see Kitty Queen in the Surprises descriptions area. For now it’s unclear if we can choose which character we buy or they come as a surprise. Hope to have more information about this series soon.

LOL Surprise Fan Club includes 7 surprises:

LOL Surprise Remix Fan Club 7 surprises

  • 1 Sticker with secret message
  • 2 Collector’s guide
  • 3 Bottle
  • 4 Shoes
  • 5 Outfit
  • 6 Accessory
  • 7 Doll

This is a super cool remix fan club series. It has all of the remix style packaging and it looks super fun. This doll is supposed to be released on september 25th.

Look at that packaging. That is so cool!

There’s lyrics on here:

I’m with my crew. We ride! We remix! This vibe. We rule
this world that’s right. that is super

LOL Surprise Checklist:

LOL Surprise Remix Fan Club all characters

There is the checklist

Only four dolls in the fan club series:

  • Kitty Queen
  • Honey Bun
  • Line Dancer
  • 80s B.B.

Released Date:

September 25th you will be able to find all of the remix surprise at Amazon, Target, Wallmart


Already on September 15, all Remix series can be pre-ordered.

Where to buy?

You can pre-order and buy dolls in all the largest stores: Target, Walmart, Amazon


The doll will not be expensive. $ 10 to $ 15. We will find out the exact price very soon!

Video Unboxing:

Short Details:

Manufacturer:LOL Surprise
Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: ----- inches
Price:~$ 10-15
Start of sales:15 September pre-order
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

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