Kindi Kids series 1 – Big Dolls and Toys by Moose Toy

Kindi Kids 💓 10 inch Dolls and Play Set Where to Buy

Each Kindi Kids doll has huge shiny eyes, colorful hair, interactive accessories and fun features. All the things that younger children like!

Moose Toys has decided to introduce the brightest Shoppies characters in the Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends series.

Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends

Some famous dolls from the Shopkins Lil ‘Shoppie collection grew in size and turned into Kindi Kids dolls. The first series of Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends is still represented by four dolls and several playsets.

As you probably noticed, these dolls are very similar to the Shoppies line dolls. But they are more like pups, look more durable, suitable for kids games. And, of course, these eyes! ..

Kindi Kids “Snack Time Friends”, snack dolls

Colorful and very cute dolls, nodding their heads, they have big beautiful eyes with glitter.

The most interesting feature is that they actually eat the delicious snacks that come with each doll in the kit!

This series features four different dolls:

  • Marsha Mello
  • Peppa Mint
  • Jessicake
  • Donatina

Each doll has its own dessert theme and comes with two exclusive Shopkins snacks that they can eat. Each sweet snack will have different features that look like magic!

Clothes and shoes from toys are removed, so they will be fun to change clothes during the game.

Let’s look at all four dolls.

Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Donatina buy now
Kindi Kids Snack Time Peppa-Mint release date
Peppa Mint
Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Marsha Mello buy on Amazon
Marsha Mello
Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends Jessicake buy in USA

Kindi Kids PlaySets

For Kindi Kids doll, additional play sets are produced:

  • Kitty Petkin Supermarket
  • Beat Petkin Refrigerator
  • Rabbit Petkin Shopping Cart

Kindi Kids Beat Petkin Refrigerator Buy now

The Kindi Fun Refrigerator is large enough to play (almost the size of a Kindi Kids doll), but it doesn’t contain a lot of food. It has a mini shelf for eggs, ice maker, shelves for large shopkins, which are in other play sets and dolls.

Kindi Kids Rabbit Petkin Shopping Cart realease date

Kindi Fun Shopping Cart comes with two exclusive, large shopkins. Shopping Cart is made in the shape of a bunny, whose legs are wheels. So in motion, it seems as if the trolley is running.

where to buy Kindi Kids Kitty Petkin Supermarket

The large Kindi Fun Supermarket comes with a playmat for dolls, a cash register, weights, a basket, four exclusive shopkins and fun secrets.


Some time ago it became known the official price for dolls and game sets.
All dolls will cost the same. Their regular price: $ 24.99

Play sets have different cost. Below you can see the actual price before the release date:

  • Kitty Petkin Supermarket – $19.99
  • Beat Petkin Refrigerator – $14.99
  • Rabbit Petkin Shopping Cart – $29.99

Release date and Pre-order Now

We are glad to inform you that we know the official release date – August 1, 2019. It is on this day that Amazon will start sending out toys to everyone who will make a pre-order now.

Short Description: Where to Buy?

Manufacturer:Moose Toy
Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: ----
Regular price: ~$15-30
Start of sales:August 1, 2019.
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


It seems that the new series of toys Kindi Kids 2019/2020 will attract the attention of girls and will be a welcome gift for the New Year holidays.

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