Top 10 best advent calendars of toys in 2020. The best gifts for child in New Years 2020

Undoubtedly, on the eve of the New Year and Christmas, all parents are concerned about one important question: what to give the child for the holidays? Of course, all parents want to give the best gift for their child: the popular and most importantly favorite toy of their son or daughter.

But what’s more important, they want to give a gift that will impress with its variety and number of accessories and toys even of the most pretentious child. So what to give your child for the New Year 2020? Which toys are the most popular and most interesting?

The best & the most popular toys in 2020

If you want to really surprise and please your baby, we offer the best gift – an advent calendar. All the most popular toys have in their collection a line which called – advent calendar. What are advent calendars? Why are they so special? What brands of toys produce a line which called advent calendars? We will give answers to all these and other questions below in the article. In the meantime, let’s start with the main: What are advent calendars?

Advent calendar – is a special edition of toys. Almost every brand of popular toys has a so-called release which is called an advent calendar. The name of the calendar is not random. The main feature of this series of toys in the assortment and the number of toys. The fact is that the calendar is just a few toys or a large number of accessories in one set.

Typically, a calendar is a set of toys with a quantity of 20 to 30 pieces in one set. A calendar involves a set, with a huge number of cells or departments inside. In such department a toy or accessory is hidden, the child must open each compartment separately on different days. Thus, a child can open cells every day for a month and study his gift. For this reason such sets are called a advent calendar.

Top 10 best & the most popular advent calendars in 2020

Our editors offer a list of the top 10 best calendars of different brands. Thus, you can pick up the best calendar and make the most unforgettable gift for your child. We start our list of the most popular and most beloved toys for many girls – LOL Surprise.

1. LOL Surprise #OOTD Outfit ot the day advent calendar

This is the second series of the calendar from LOL Surprise. This set contains one unique doll and 25 surprises inside. The main surprises are doll accessories, clothes and shoes. So if you buy one such set, you will receive a unique doll and several outfits for her at once. Every day, the child can change the clothes and appearance of his doll. With such set, the child will be interested in his gift for a long time. To learn more about this calendar you can find out here.

What included in the set?

  • 1 * doll
  • 24 * accessories
  • 1 * sticker sheet

Video review advent calendar from LOL

2. Paw Patrol Advent Calendar

Novelty for fans of the animated series Paw Patrol. Here is the first calendar in this series of toys. What is a Paw Patrol calendar? Firstly, this is an exclusive calendar, and secondly, in this calendar you will find immediately 24 gifts. Learn more here.

Which ones?

  • 7 pups
  • 2 pup friends
  • 15 accessories

Video review Paw Patrol Advent calendar

3. Fortnite Advent Calendar

A special edition of the calendar for all fans of this game. Have you been a fan of this game for a long time or your child? Then offer a unique calendar with the characters of the game of the same name. In the calendar you will find 24 cells with 24 surprises inside. These surprises are mini copies of all the main and popular characters of the game.

What included in set?

  • 24 * figures of different pint size heroes and Fortnite characters!

Video review Fortnite Advent Calendar

4. “What’s in my Purse” LOL Surprises Advent Calendar

This is another calendar from LOL Surprise. But like every toy from MGA Entertainment this set is special. In this set you will not find LOL dolls, pets and their little sisters. Here you will find other accessories such as bracelets, key chains and rings. Some of these accessories are puzzle-shaped, so you can disassemble and assemble them.

What included in set?

  • 12 puzzle erasers
  • 4 Lip gloss rings
  • 4 charm bracelets
  • 3 mood markers
  • 1 Lip gloss

Video review “What’s in my Purse” Advent Calendar

5. Hot Wheels Vehicles Advent Calendar

Undoubtedly the best cars for any boy are the cars of the series Hot Wheels Vehicles. What could be better for the cars of the series Hot Wheels unless a set of such cars. It is this set that is the calendar from Hot Wheels. Here is especially packaging itself and the location of surprises.

The packaging is very festive and atmospheric in the spirit of the new year. The package bundle is impressive. In addition to the cars themselves, here you will find other accessories and even a track for your races.

What included in set?

  • 8 cars
  • 15 accessories

Video review Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

6. PJ Masks Advent Calendar

Among this kind of toys like a calendar, you can find a real exclusive. This is precisely the calendar PJ Masks. What is so special about it? Firstly, this is one of the best and most popular animated series for children. Therefore, each child would like to have figures and accessories from the main characters of such a cartoon.

There are plenty of them in this set. Here you will find figures of the main characters and other characters from the cartoon. In addition, such a set is suitable even for the smallest kids. The set is intended for children 3+.

What included in set?

  • 11 figures
  • 3 holiday decorations
  • 10 stickers

Video review PJ Masks Advent Calendar

7. Thomas & Friends Advent Calendar

New toys for the smallest kids. Surely every child from 3 years old knows perfectly well and definitely saw an animated series called Thomas. Thomas is a friendly and sweet little train who is ready to come to the help of anyone.

Surely your baby will be delighted with the opportunity to receive a whole set with Thomas and his friends. This set is the current calendar. In the set you will find 24 surprises: 24 vehicles from the cartoon including Thomas train. The box is special in the form of a railway with 24 railway tracks and special cells. In each cell there is a special transport.

What included in set?

  • 24 MINIS engines

Video review Thomas & Friends Advent Calendar

8. LEGO City Advent Calendar 

Lego offers a whole city with different characters, structures and other elements. By purchasing such a calendar you can recreate a sick New Year’s scene, this set is in the New Year theme. There are 24 cells in the box, in each cell there are figures, vehicles and other New Year attributes. There are 234 pieces for boys and girls.

What included in set?

  • 7 LEGO City minifigures (including Santa Claus!)
  • husky dog figure
  • Vehicles ( a sleigh, snow plow tractor and a snowmobile)

Video review LEGO City Advent Calendar

9. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Advent Calendar

Exclusive, cute and very pretty little series figures Hatchimals are waiting for you in this set. In the set you will find 12 figures, but unusual. All figures are made in the New Year theme, so have a festive look. Open all the windows and get your Hatchimals as a gift.

What included in set?

  • 12 Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Video review Hatchimals Advent Calendar

10. Barbie Advent Calendar

Completes our selection of new! The first calendar for Barbie. By purchasing this set you will receive one unique Barbie doll and 24 surprises for her. As a surprise, you will find many outfits, accessories and details for your doll. Open 24 windows and get your prizes and surprises. All outfits are unique and very stylish. You can easily create an evening look, a glamorous style and a daily look for your doll.

What included in set?

  • 1 * doll
  • clothes
  • boots
  • 20 others surprises

What do you think of such gifts? Which calendar do you like the most?

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