L.O.L. Surprise! Chalet — Winter Disco 95+ Surprises. New LOL Dollhouse

New LOL Surprise Winter Disco Chalet Doll House

On the winter holidays of 2019/2020, the company MGA has gotten a lot of surprises! The main surprise can already be considered a new doll house – L.O.L. Surprise! Chalet — Winter Disco.

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It shows that the house will be a two-story. On the first floor you can see: 2 rooms and a large terrace with a swimming pool and a dance floor. On the second floor you can find 2 living rooms.

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In addition, there is a functional attic in the dollhouse. The attic is equipped with one room, a large balcony and an elevator with which you can go down to the first floor. Doll house made in beautiful, cute, light tones. Most likely it will have light and sound effects.


Exclusive family

First of all, we will tell you about a unique and exclusive LOL family, which you will also find in the set. While unpacking surprises from the bus, a pleasant surprise awaits you: a new LOL family. Meet 3 members of the LOL family:

  • LOL doll name is Ice Ice B.B
  • LOL Boy name is Ice Ice Boi Boi
  • LOL Pet name is Ice Ice Husky

This is really a real LOL family. All members resemble each other as two drops of water. Appearance, color, hair and even the style of clothing – the resemblance is amazing. This is the first full-fledged LOL family environment of a huge assortment of LOL toys. In the set you will find:

  • LOL doll named Ice Ice B.B
  • LOL boy named Ice Ice Boi Boi
  • Pet LOL named Ice Ice Husky
  • A set of clothes for a doll
  • A set of clothes for a boy
  • Doll accessories
  • Accessories for boys

Important!!! Boy and doll can change color in water. To check, you just need to prepare a container with cold and warm water and start immersing your dolls. Have a fun!

Exclusive family in L.O.L. Surprise! Chalet

Snow Bus unboxing

The bus is just almost as big as the box and it is really heavy because made from wood. You can see the little bus driver on the box and passengers. You can understand from the silhouettes of the passengers that there is a LOL family inside the bus. And it is true. But besides LOL dolls on the bus you will find many many gifts and surprises:

  • bags with snow (not real). Inside the bus you will immediately find several huge packages of snow. It is necessary to fill snow in a special opening of the house. The system will work and you can feel the atmosphere of winter, as in the picture of the house.
  • new LOL famile (LOL doll + LOL boi + pet)
  • special transforming futniture

The package with the bus is very detailed and looks fantastic, moreover, almost all the gifts and surprises are placed on the bus. In addition to snow, you will find many many gifts and surprises, packed in an interesting way – in suitcases. In addition, surprises inside are additionally specially wrapping paper with a logo LOL Surprise and pictures of many surprises and accessories. It is look like so cute.

Important! The bus made from real wood

LOL Surprise Chalet House WINTER Disco unboxing

LOL Surprise Chalet House – is the new and largest LOL dollhouse. Almost 100 surprises are placed in this house. There’s six rooms, three stories, transforming futniture and exclusive family. Entire set comes with a snow, a few big bags.

LOL Surprise Chalet House – a very strong, comfortable and cozy house for your LOL dolls. The house itself is very detailed and thought out to the smallest detail, starting from the fireplace, which is lit and ending with a working elevator for lifting skiers. In such a house you will find everything you need for your dolls and even more. Furniture for a house:

  • refrigerating
  • shoe cabinet working drawers
  • disco ball
  • lots of soft cozy blankets and pillows
  • little pink animal skin (carpet)
  • chairs looks like made from ice
  • ice table (very cute)
  • little tables click they snap together
  • little toilet (the toilet is special because it makes the sounds of a toilet usually after flushing water)
  • ramp
  • bunch of movable blocks
  • fire (actually lights up)
  • 2 mega soft chairs
  • colourful table
  • two little cozy beds
  • two large cozy beds

All the furniture is stylish and modern, thanks to such furniture you can create coziness and comfort in your house. Furniture must be arranged according to the purpose of the rooms. For example, a refrigerator in the kitchen, beds in the bedroom, a toilet in the toilet and so on.

Of course, the furniture is not the only feature of this house, as well as the new family. There are a lot of unique and unexpected things. For example, an elevator that works will lift the dolls to the very top of the house, a window that goes down and turns into an excellent terrace, a unit for launching snow, light elements in house as well as a special unit for skating on ice.

Ice skating rink

No one could have expected such a thing. At the bottom under the house is a special ice skating rink and even ice made hot tub with whole bunch of ice. The skating rink has excellent dimensions and also empty containers inside. You need to draw water in containers and put the ice rink for a while in the refrigerator so that the water freezes and turns into ice.

This way you get a real ice rink. Thanks to the special skates that also go in the set, all members of your new family can arrange competitions at the rink and have fun. Shoes (ski) are removable so they are comfortable to wear even on dolls shoes. Actual you can take off shoes in your LOL OMG dolls and others LOL dolls slip her into these little ice skates there we go just like that and now have first step onto the ice and now she can actually skate.

As for the tub, it’s luxurious. Special steps, deep capacity. Just add water and you can immerse your LOL dolls. By the way, the stairs to the second floor have one important feature. If you turn the stairs, then on the other side it can be used as a springboard.


  • A very large dollhouse awaits you! Its dimensions are 2.85+ FT Tall, 3 + FT Wide!
  • 95+ Surprises inside! You will find fascinating unpacking and assembly of a dollhouse. 95+ Surprises provided fun unpacking for many days or a week ahead!
  • Many 360° Play zones: Ice skating Rink, Working Ski Lift, Light Up ICE , Hot Tub, Staircase becomes WaterSlide, etc.
  • That hasn’t happened before – Chimney Really Snows!
  • Exclusive family included
  • 15 ft lights
  • Working ski lift
  • Transforming futniture
  • 6 large rooms with transformer accessories!

Furniture Included:

  • Exclusive Family
    • Ice Ice BB
    • Ice Ice Boi Boi
    • Ice Ice Husky
  • Light Up ICe Skating Rink
  • Transforming Furniture
  • Hot Tub with Slide
  • 15ff Lights
  • 6 Rooms
  • 3 Stories
  • Chimney Snows
  • Snow Bus
  • Fits L.O.L. Surprise O.M.G. Dolls

Release date:

Chalet House is the biggest LOL doll house. Chalet House will be the most unforgettable gift for your child. The official release date will be on September 15th, 2019. So just now you can order this amazing house.

Short Descriprion:

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 2.85+ FT Tall, 3 + FT Wide
Start of sales:September 27, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart
Item Code: 562207E7C
Item Weight ------
Price: ~249$



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