Official Release L.O.L Surprise OMG Winter Disco 25 surprises + 4 fashion dolls

The news that we have been waiting for so long has already taken place. Manufacturers MGA Entertainment released the second series of L.O.L Surprise OMG Winter Disco doll. New characters, new accessories, completely new surprises and even sisters for your dolls – all this awaits you in new L.O.L Surprise OMG.

Features new L.O.L Surprise OMG Winter Disco

  • New packaging design

The second series L.O.L Surprise OMG will surprise even the most skeptical buyers. Everything is new here, from the most dolls to the new packaging design. Since this series L.O.L Surprise OMG is called a Winter Disco, the theme of winter is everywhere. For example, fur handles on packaging (each character has a new color handle). There are 3 transparent windows in which there is snow in the package, but not useal snow, special snow, well more about it later.

On the packaging is visible only the future doll is strong and its name, but the appearance remains a mystery. To finally see your doll, you just need to remove the top layer on the package and then you will see a picture with your doll. Another feature L.O.L Surprise OMG in unboxing. To unpack the doll you need to find the signature … and pull on the tape with Velcro, only then the package will open and you will see your enchanting doll for the first time.

  • Sisters in the set

Finally, the dream of many LOL Surprise fans has come true. Now LOL OMG are sold together with their sisters in one set. How do you like this news? Buying one doll you get a second as a gift. Each LOL OMG doll is sold together with its younger sister, who is very similar to her older teenage doll. At the same time, you can see how looks like your little sister LOL OMG, you just need turn her up site down.

  • Surprises

In each set with LOL OMG you will find 25 unique and very stylish surprises and even 1 ultra rare surprise

  • Snow

Since this LOL OMG series is called Winter Disco, winter paraphernalia is present here. For example, you will find a package with a white, shiny powder that needs to be mixed with water and as a result you will get real snow at home

4 new fashionable doll LOL OMG: 24K D.J & D.J, Snowlicious & Snow Angel, Cosmic Nova & Cosmic Queen, Dollie & Dollface.

24K D.J & D.J unboxing

Information about doll

Mad beats. U will dance. Spinning fire. Is it a party yet? Cue the drop. All together we get the word MUSIC.

This is a mulatto doll with a stylish hairstyle and bright purple hair. Her little sister’s name is 24K D.J and she is no less attractive than her older sister. As in the first series LOL OMG, the doll’s hands are bent, so you can change the position of the doll.

D.J. L.O.L Surprise OMG Winter Disco

In the set you will find:

  • 1 x LOL OMG Doll D.J
  • 1 x little sister 24K D.J
  • a little bottle for the little sister
  • stylish bag for older sister
  • snow powder
  • gold colored earrings for D.J
  • gold colored headphones
  • gold necklace
  • golden boots
  • set of clothes: pants and a golden jacket with fur
Snow Angel LOL OMG & her sister

Snowlicious & Snow Angel unboxing

Information about doll

I like my cocoa Hot and my weather Cold. I like my sweaters Heavy and my snowflakes Light. I like my snowboarding Smooth and my dance music Bumpin.

LOL OMG Snow Angel & her sister

incredibly cute and very cute doll. Long, thick blue hair is braided. Oh, the doll itself is dressed up in a light colored set. The doll has stylish maki and even miniatures on its little fingers.

In the set you will find

  • 1 x LOL OMG Doll Snow Angel
  • 1 x little sister Snowlicious
  • a little bottle for the little sister
  • unusual backpack made of fur
  • a set of clothes: silver-colored pants and a white fur jacket
  • violet sweater
  • purple boots with fur
  • hip bag for small accessories
  • bracelets
  • white fur hat
  • small makeup mirror
  • a pair of glasses

Cosmic Nova & Cosmic Queen unboxing

Information about doll

Brighter than a shootin star midnight. Fiercer than a Solarflare. Moon boot scootin 2 the Boogie of the cosmos.

Cosmic Queen look simply amazing: long green hair with shiny elements tied in 2 tails, bright makeup and very stylish appearance make the doll incredibly attractive and a great fashionista of its kind. The little sister is very bright and shiny. This doll has brilliant everything: clothes, hairstyle and even accessories.

In the set you will find:

  • 1 x LOL OMG Doll Cosmic Queen
  • 1 x little sisterCosmic Nova
  • a little bottle for the little sister
  • snow powder that grows in water
  • glasses
  • blue hat
  • strap
  • earrings
  • handbag
  • necklace
  • shiny silver shoes
  • purple fur vest
  • shiny silver skirt
Cosmic Queen L.O.L Surprise OMG Winter Disco

Dollie & Dollface unboxing

Information about doll

The doll Dollface is special. Its main feature is black and white. For example, the clothes and even in hair. The doll has one half of the hair is white and the other is black. Her hair is very long and thick. Her little sister is not amazing and charming

In the set you will find:

  • 1 x LOL OMG Doll Dollface
  • 1 x little sister Dollie
  • a little bottle for the little sister
  • snow powder that grows in water
  • glasses for little sister
  • pink boots
  • pair of glasses for LOL OMG
  • pink headphones
  • necklace
  • lace earrings
  • clothes: black and white skirt + jacket
  • brush for hair
  • bag
  • and even telephone
Dollface LOL OMG Winter Disco

Release date & Pre-Order:

After the release of the first season LOL Surprise OMG, many fans were eagerly awaiting the release of the second series, but there was no official information about this. Many expected that the second series of LOL OMG will be released closer to the New Year. But fortunately it is not a true, and fans do not have to wait so long for these toys to enter the sales market. Already in September, LOL Surprise fans can purchase the second series LOL Surprise OMG Winter Disco. Right now you can make an order for Amazon and purchase one of these charm dolls.


The price for such doll is small, because for $34:99 you’ll immediately get 2 dolls LOL + 25 surprises in a one set

Short Description: Where to Buy?

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 27 cm (11 inches)
Regular price: $ 34.99
Start of sales:September, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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