Update 2 in 1 Salon Mermaze Mermaidz fall 2022 line-up. Salon with many accessories and light up bubbling whirpool

We have great news for you. The update expects not only dolls but also large playsets for example 2 in 1 Salon Mermaze Mermaidz. This will be a great play set with new accessories, new look and new features.

This set is sure to please every child and will be a great gift for a birthday or any other holiday. This set is 2 in 1, there will be new dolls and a play area, everything a child needs, in addition, the salon itself will have its advantages:

  • light up bubbling whirpool
  • many accessories

An unexpected feature in a toy set, isn’t it?


89.99 USD to 129.99 EUR

Release Date

You will buy updated dolls in fall 2022

Author: Besttoy

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