New Barbie Fashionistas. 5 new dolls!
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New Barbie Fashionistas. 5 new dolls!

Meet already this winter 5 new dolls will join the Fashionistas series! Barbie Fashionistas doll #177 with real long black…

new Ken Fashionistas 2021
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New Barbie Ken Fashionistas

New Barbie Ken Fashionistas doll with sculpted black hair, black tropical print shirt, orange pants and white shoes

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[2021] Barbie Chelsea DollHouse and Accessory

Meet the new doll house for Chelsea with lots of accessories! This compact 2-storey house has 4 rooms and a…

barbie Camping kit with backpack and pet
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[2021] Barbie Camping set. Two versions!

2020/2021 was not a very successful year for many people to travel. Many travelers traveled only in their own countries….

New Scientist Doll
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New Scientist Doll. Barbie looks 2021

Meet the new Barbie doll – Scientist!

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[2021] Barbie Steffie Rewind. 80s Edition

Oh this beautiful Steffie Rewind doll from the 80s! The doll fascinates from the first sight. She’s so stylish.Her outfit…

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Barbie Extra wave 2 number 9

We present to your attention a new, beautiful doll Barbie Eksta, number 9!She is wearing a beautiful rainbow dress and…

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New Wildlife Adventure Gift Set. With pets. Lots of pets.

Meet the Big PlaySet – Wildlife Adventure Pet Gift Set!

Barbie and Ken WW 84 movie set
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Promo images for the new Barbie and Ken WW 84 movie set

Recently, we told you about all the toys for the new movie Wonder Woman 84. Today, the first quality promotional…

Color Reveal Mermaid Barbie dolls.
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New Color Reveal Mermaid Barbie Dolls

Meet the new Barbie Color Reveal Mermaid doll.

Barbie and Chelsea Picnic Playset where to buy
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Barbie and Chelsea Picnic Playset – 25 surprises included!

Meet the new, big Playset “Barbie and Chelsea Picnic”. This set is perfect as a gift for your daughter. There…

Barbie Millicent Roberts® Collection, Barbie BMR 1959
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Barbie Dolls BMR1959, Wave 2 (2020)

Meet the New Barbie BMR 1959 – New Wave, New Dolls 2020. The series continues. Already this Summer 2020, we…

Barbie BMR 1959 Red Hair Ken photo
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Barbie BMR 1959 Red Hair Ken with freckles and dimples on his cheeks

Red-haired Ken became the most talked about in the second wave of BMR 1959. Perhaps the case is in the…

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Barbie Color Reveal Outdoor 3 series. Release Date & Review

Undoubtedly, this novelty will interest you. The company Mattel released 3 series of its own special barbies, barbies that change…

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Barbie Special Fashion Accessory Packs. Themes: Happy Birthday, Singer, Movie Night, Summer Weekend

Attention! Attention! For all Barbie fans – Mattel offers a new product, special thematic sets with accessories for your dolls….

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New Barbies from Mattel Princess Adventure Sleepover special set with 3 dolls and accessories

Many Barbie fans are well aware that in the near future the company will release a special movie called Barbie…