Three new dolls Barbie Looks Dolls Metallic collection wave two. First look

A novelty in the world of Barbie dolls. Special Barbie Looks series of dolls. This is a metallic collection and only three dolls are included. Three unique, three charming and unusual dolls

What is Barbie Looks Dolls

This special series of dolls. There are only three dolls in the collection. The peculiarity of such dolls is style. All dolls are in the same style and in the same color – metallic color. The main feature of such dolls is articulation. Just imagine as many as 22 points of articulation as well as an updated face sculpt.

Just look at their faces – they are very detailed. With full articulation, you can change doll poses, arrange photo shoots, create many role-playing games, scenes.

Features Barbie Looks Dolls

  • full articulation
  • new style dolls
  • dolls can change positions
  • long hair
  • new dolls
  • updated face sculpt

Barbie Looks Doll #10 

The first doll from the set Barbie Looks Doll #10 is a tall brunette with long straight hair. This doll is dressed in a stylish silver top and black mini skirt. Of the shoes, this doll has silver-colored heeled boots.
The Barbie Looks Doll #11 is a bright red-haired doll in a silver jumpsuit. The Barbie Looks Doll #12 is a brown-haired woman with a black dress with silver-colored elements. For shoes, she has silver shoes.


Price for one doll is $19.99 

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