Barbie Francie classic reproduction doll. All about new collectible Barbie doll

Francie is not just a doll, it’s a collectible doll. Such a doll can please anyone, both a child and even an adult. By purchasing such a doll, you seem to plunge into childhood and remember the dolls of your childhood. The first Francie doll went on sale in 1967, so many adults will surely remember her. Mattel decided to release a classic reproduction of this doll in a new way. Which doll will go on sale is still a secret and the company is keeping it carefully.

Features Barbie Francie doll

Francie doll is a collectible doll. The company decided to reissue this particular doll, because in 1967 so many buyers liked this doll. This collectible Barbie doll has an iconic look, vintage wrist tag and attractive packaging.

Release Date

To buy this doll you can on May 12 2022 but you can do pre-order now


To buy this doll you can for $69.99 

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