Review Barbie Mega Color Reveal Lego Dolls. 3 versions Barbie micro dolls

The Mattel company is expanding the range of its dolls. Barbie mini dolls are now on sale. These are not just micro dolls, these are unique sets that will appeal to all lovers of Barbie dolls.

Features Barbie Mega Color Reveal Dolls

  • micro dolls

This is a series of micro size dolls. All dolls are small and very cute.

  • Lego type

Doll accessories have a Lego-type design. All accessories can be assembled into one small mini scene

  • Accessories

The set includes a doll and 5 surprises. Each set is unique and accessories are different

  • Color change

When unpacking the doll with a special material that hides the appearance of the doll. To see how the doll looks like in reality, you need to immerse it in cold water. Enjoy the transformation stage

  • 3 versions

There are 3 different versions of dolls available in this collection. You just need to choose the option that you like the most.

Release date

Unknown yet

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