New photo Barbie Extra Doll with pet and surprises inside

We hasten to share the good news – the Mattel company continues to replenish the line of Barbie series Barbie Extra Doll. This is already the 15th doll of Barbie Extra Doll series

What is Barbie Extra Doll

This is a special line of dolls. The set includes special dolls and many accessories inside. All dolls are amazing and have full articulation. Their outfits are the latest fashion collection, the whole image is thought out here, every outfit, every set of clothes.

It is important to have a pet in the set. This doll has a very strong and beautiful dolmatian dog. The set contains interesting accessories, such as stylish glasses. Any girl will like this set and will be a great gift.

Features Barbie Extra Doll

  • full articulation of dolls
  • the ability to change the poses of dolls
  • stylish outfits
  • fashion accessories
  • in the set pet
  • additional accessories
  • the presence of a surprise accessory
  • long hair on dolls

Where to buy

To buy this set you can now on Amazon


Price for set $24.99

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