Photo new Barbie Extra dolls 2022 Wave 4. Three new dolls in Barbie Extra series

Barbie Extra is a special series of dolls. Firstly, the number of dolls in this series is constantly growing. Manufacturers regularly release new dolls, as this series is one of the most beloved for all fans of Barbie dolls. Secondly, all dolls from this collection are very stylish, fashionable and inimitable.

Get inspired by the extravagant fashion of Barbie dolls. With Barbie style, you can play out exciting stories with her and let your creativity run wild. Discover your personalized accessories and companion animals to complete your look with your own style.

New photos and information about the fourth wave of Barbie Extra dolls coming soon!

At the moment we have a few photos but they are not of very good quality. As soon as we have additional information (high-quality photos, price, description of dolls and accessories), we will immediately inform you

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