All about Barbie Holiday Fun Dolls Playset. One of the best Barbie playset 2022

Inspire travel dreams with this summer vacation-themed Barbie gift set! The two Barbie Fashionistas dolls have everything you need for the perfect summer day, including a summer house, pool, boat and more. Send your best friends down the slide to take a dip in the pool or take to the open water in your speedboat!

After the adventure, friends can relax in a hammock or have some fun in the kitchen, then relax and get ready for another day of fun in the bedroom and bathroom. Adorable kittens and accessories further expand the storytelling possibilities, and when playtime is up, the playset is easy to fold and carry. Suitable for children from 3 years old.

Features Barbie Holiday Fun Dolls Playset

  • two dolls

The set already includes two charming dolls, two owners of this recreation complex. Dolls are best friends, they really like to play together and share common impressions

  • Different recreation areas

This set has it all: a sleeping area with great beds and a swing. Water area with boat rides or swimming in the pool with a haircut. There is even a work area with a nice corner where the kitchen is located. Dolls can put themselves in order in the bathroom.

  • portability

one of the biggest advantages of this set is its portability. After a fun and exciting game all in one move, you can assemble this set into a case. So the child can take this set wherever they want.

Price and release date

We don’t know at the moment, but as soon as we have this information, we will immediately inform you.

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