Review new Barbie Brunette doll & Farm Fresh Market playset

Great set from Barbie. A new doll named Brunette and a lot of accessories and attributes on the theme of the market. This set has everything: a new doll, new accessories and a lot of scenario for role-playing games on the theme of the set.

Features Barbie Farm Fresh Market playset

  • doll

a charming slender brunette named Brunette is included in the set. The doll is wearing bright pink rubber boots, an adorable printed dress and a cute daisy apron.

  • doll accessories

The set includes a handy bag where the doll can put her purchases.

  • food stand

the set has a convenient rack where baskets with products are placed, a place for assembling products and even scales to purchase the right amount of food

  • products

The set contains highly detailed plastic vegetables: carrots, peppers, cheese, bread, bananas, tomatoes. Everything you need for a great shopping experience.

Release date

Buy this playset you can on July 2022


 This set cost $25.99

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