Special Barbie Rise & Relax Doll self care set. 6 meditations sounds

Great Barbie gift set. This barbie is special. Firstly, it is very articulatory, and secondly, it is musical. The set also has a pet that can also demonstrate its mood.

Features Barbie Rise & Relax Doll

  • sounds

Barbie loves to meditate and it shows in her posture. On the neck of the doll there are necklaces with the moon and the sun. If you click on one of these symbols, you will hear the sounds of meditation. There are 6 sounds in total

  • pet

The set includes an adorable pet dog. Your pet can show his emotions with the help of three emojis that are included in the set. The sun is fun, the cloud is sad and the moon is anger. You can choose the mood for your pet yourself

What include in set?

  • doll
  • pet
  • necklaces
  • emojis (3)
  • sleep glasses

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