Meet three new Barbie Extra Fancy Dolls. All about Extra Fancy Dolls 2022

Extra Fancy Dolls is an unusual series of dolls, these are unique and super fashionable dolls. Each doll from this series is a work of art and the top of fashion. There are only three dolls in this series, but they are all very different and unique.

Meet Queen Millie in Pink

The product code of this doll is HHN13. This doll is very special. She has very long white hair and a bright fashionable dress. The first thing that catches your eye is the dress, it is luxurious. Short train at the front and long train at the back. Tights and shoes to match the dress – pink. This doll also has a bright make-up and a lot of accessories. She’s unbeatable

Meet HHN14 doll with orange hair

The first thing that catches your eye is the very long and bright hair of the doll, it is orange in color to match the shoes of the doll. These super fashionistas have everything thought out to the smallest detail, their outfits are very stylish and unusual, their accessories are fashionable. This doll has an unusual outfit, a top with a flower print and leggings with a skirt with an identical print.

Meet HHN12 doll with brown hair

Gorgeous long brown hair with an interesting hairstyle on the head. The third doll from this series looks like. Her name is still unknown. She has a very unusual outfit: a short dress with an unusual cape on the shoulders. This doll has a lot of accessories as well as an interesting bag in the shape of a heart.

Features Barbie Extra Fancy Dolls

  • interesting outfits
  • long hair
  • full articulation
  • stylish accessories
  • fashion bags
  • the presence of pets for each doll

Release Date

 This doll available 1 May 2022 on amazon.


You can buy it for $29.99

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