Barbie Tribute Collection. Meet Laverne Cox Barbie Signature Doll

We recently shared information about the upcoming release of a new doll from the series Barbie Tribute Collection. The new doll has become Laverne Cox doll. Today we are pleased to share the first photos of this doll and provide important information about it.

What is Barbie Tribute Collection?

Barbie Tribute is a special series of dolls dedicated to certain women who have contributed to history. This is a business lady like for example Vera Wang. It can be politicians and artists. The new doll is Laverne Cox a woman actress and activist. On the package with the doll, which is exactly like the actress, there is her biography, where the child will be able to get acquainted in detail with who exactly her doll is.

Features Barbie Tribute Laverne Cox

  • unique doll

Each doll in the Tribute series is an unique and special. This is not just a doll but a prototype of a living person who has contributed to a certain area: business, politics, acting, and so on. Only unique people deserve to be included in this collection of dolls.

  • outfits

Just look the outfits of the dolls in this series. These are not standard outfits, clothing sets like in other Barbie sets. This is truly a work of art. All sets of clothes correspond to the outfits in which these dolls were seen in public.

  • Package

The packaging in such series of dolls is also festive. Large transparent packaging with a brief biography of the doll prototype. Very good gift for a child

Release Date

To buy such dolls you will be able on October 5, 2022 


The price is unknown yet

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