Review Shadow High dolls from Rainbow High. All about new dolls and new series

For a long time, the manufacturers kept secret about the new characters in the series Rainbow High Shadow High dolls. For a long time, we did not have any description of the appearance or any other information about the new dolls. But finally, such information appeared. And today we will be able to tell in detail and, most importantly, show detailed information and the appearance of all 6 dolls of the new series

At Shadow High, the elite arts school, each student has their own school focus inspiring kids to let their true color shine

Rainbow High Heather Grayson Shadow High dolls

Heather Grayson – special effects make up. This doll is really special. Just look at her profession, not everyone has one. The appearance of the doll is bright and shine. Long straight hair: one part of the head is white and the other is black. Huge eyes, bright makeup and stylish clothes – many girls will like this doll. What’s Included in set:

  • doll
  • clothes
  • brush
  • shoes
  • doll stand

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Rainbow High Ash Silverstone Shadow High dolls

Ash Silverstone – audio & visual effects. This is the only boy in the series. A stylish blond with blue eyes and an excellent athletic figure – this is exactly what this boy looks like. Of the accessories, he has headphones that can be removed if desired. What included in the kit:

  • doll
  • headphones
  • clothes
  • shoes

Rainbow High Nicole Steel Shadow High dolls

Nicole Steel – installation art. Very cute doll. Curly golden hair and eyes of the same color. The set includes an extra set of clothes, so you can easily change outfits.

Rainbow High Luna Madison Shadow High dolls

Luna is an actress. Luna is a very bright and fashionable doll like a real actress. The hair is the longest and the outfits are the most fashionable. In the set you will find a gold-colored set with stylish shoes with heels of the same color. As well as an additional clothes with a jacket and a black-gold dress.

Rainbow High Shanelle Onyx Shadow High dolls

Shanelle is a couture fashion design. She is so cute. Her outfits are just adorable. The whole dress is in black and white colors like the doll itself. Her hair also has these two colors. One dress from the set seems to be going to receive an Oscar, and the second set is more evening, restaurant or party. Change outfits, change hairstyles and appearance of the doll

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Rainbow High Natasha Zima Shadow High dolls

Natasha Zima is a cosmetic chemistry. It is especially important that doll is articulatory, it means, legs, arms and even wrists bend. This doll has gorgeous white hair, very long and blue eyes. Her clothes are all white, so she is very reminiscent of winter.

Video unboxing

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