O.M.G Styling Head Royal Bee with Color Change Makeup from MGA. New L.O.L Surprises sets

Today we are so excited because we will open a new LOL Surprises sets. There’s 30 surprises and it’s a giant OMG doll, well excually a giant OMG head. We are really excited to check these out. The first head / doll we are going to check out will be Royal Bee.

Just look at this pack. You can actually see her hair in hair whole bunch of hair. So this looks like a whole bunch of magazine covers here on the side we mean really it looks realistic. You can see her on the one side with #makemeover / magazine.

We’ll open up one of the little magazine covers and here we have some of her hair. So it looks like we’ve got some fierce hair, some fashionable hair and it looks like they’re just like little hair wefts that you can just take out.

It pulled out on side and you can actually fold it out and open other pages in “magazine”. You can do all the different ways for her to style, her hair and then the last one to open up we’ve got the flawless hairdos here and some fabulous accessories for her. So we got lots of pieces for doll head.

Unboxing #makemeover magazine

When you will open makemeover magazine you will find:

  • different types of hair: Fierce, Fashionable, Flawless
  • different styles of hair: Glam Updo, Party Reade curly
  • different fabulous accessories: golden hoop, earrings, golden crown, little tiaras and totally cute little clips for her hair we’ve got a little stretchy band, a comb and little mini hair bands.

Features O.M.G Styling Head dolls

  • Big size

O.M.G Styling Head is the largest L.O.L Surprises doll. It is a giant doll head, so changing styles, doing new hairstyles and even make-up will now be much easier because the size of the dolls is simply impressive.

  • New hairstyles

In the set you will find several options for hairstyles for different occasions and events. Changing hairstyles is easy and simple thanks to special sticky hair stickers. Choose the best look and style for your doll. Thanks to such a doll, your child can feel like a young hairdresser and stylist.

  • Accessories and surprises

To make the image of your doll just irresistible and fantastic, use additional accessories that also come in a set. There 30 surprises inside.

  • Moving head

She easily spins, so if you really need to style her hair you don’t have to move the whole entire base around you can just actually just move her head.

  • Change Makeup

Yes, you were not mistaken. O.M.G Styling Head able to change her makeup and not just the color of the lipsticks, but much more. To change the style and to further emphasize the image, you just need to change the makeup. How to do it? Easy, use an ice cube or a napkin with cold water. A few movements with ice or a cold napkin and your doll changed the color of lipstick, added arrows on her eyes or changed the shape of her eyebrows.


The manufacturer has not yet specified the exact release date for the production of such a doll, but most likely it will happen in middle of December 2019 in time for the New Year holidays.


The price of this doll will be $ 34.99

Short Info:

Manufacturer:LOL Surprise
Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: ----- inches
Price:~$ 34.99
Start of sales:~mid December, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

Unboxing video:


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