New Rainbow High RockStar price, where to buy
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New Rainbow High RockStar doll 2021 / 2022

Hi everyone!Meet new dolls that will appear in stores this fall!

Rainbow High Doll Poppy Unboxing New Poopsie Surprise Fashion Doll
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Rainbow High Doll Poppy – Full Review and Unboxing Video

Hi friends, Welcome back to site. Today we have found and will show you a video of unboxing a…

Rainbow High Dolls Commercial
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Rainbow High Fashion Dolls 🌈 — First Promo Video

Meet the first promo video, which is the upcoming release of the Rainbow High doll   Legend says at the…

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Rainbow High Dolls are out at Target 🎯!

Get ready to be the first to receive the Rainbow High dolls! To do this, go hunting in the Target…

Rainbow Surprise Rainbow High fashion dolls
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Rainbow High Fashion Dolls. Collect the Rainbow!

The summer of 2020 will bring us many surprises in the world of toys. Among which is Rainbow High fashion…