LOL Surprise Advent Calendar 2020 Remix OOTD S3. New Exclusive Doll & 25 Surprises inside

The company MGA had announced the future start of sales 3 series LOL Surprise Advent Calendar. This new product (toy) will appear on sale this summer. When exactly? How the exclusive doll will look like? We will inform you in the article, as well as the price and the estimated date of the start of sales.

Features LOL Surprise Advent Calendar?

As you probably know LOL Surprise Advent Calendar – is a special series of toys, in the set you will find an exclusive doll and a whole new outfit for her. This series of toys is created in such a way that every day you can unpack a new surprise for yourself and thus it will last almost a month.

In addition, in the set you will find many amazing and beatiful sets for your doll. With them, your doll every day can be imagined and change its style. There are 25 surprises, including new outfits, shoes and jewelry for the doll.

Remix OOTD LOL Surprise Advent Calendar 2020

LOL OOTD Remix – it is a name of 3 series LOL Surprise Advent Calendar. This series is special, because doll and its outfits will have a certain theme – music. In this style all the outfits of the doll will be. Just look at the doll and its outfit, she is a real rock diva.

This set will be a memorable gift for any girl on a birthday or other holidays. You can’t buy such a charming doll anywhere else, only in this set, and here you will find a large number of outfits and new styles for your cute doll. Do not miss the novelty.

Unlike previous versions LOL Surprise Advent Calendar, the packaging in the new 3 series is not standard. It has a square shape. It looks just great. In previous versions, the packaging was round. This is another of the changes from manufacturers MGA.

Release Date & Price for LOL OOTD Remix

We are pleased to inform you that the start time of sales LOL OOTD Remix is already known. LOL Remix Advent Calendar will appear on sale in August 2020.

When will be possible to buy this new product, we will inform you a little later. We can also give you a link to make order or pre-order, immediately as soon as the manufacturer announce the start of sales. The price for this amazing set is also well known. For $29.99 will be able to buy such a set.

Where to buy LOL Surprise Advent Calendar 2020

Soon MGA will be able to produce a link for ordering such a set on the Amazon platform. You can also buy such a kit in the store Walmart. We’ll put on link later, as soon as possible.

Short info

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: -----
Regular price: $ 29.99 (USA)
Start of sales:August, 2020
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

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