Meet new Shadow High Dolls. Review stock Photo Rainbow High Shadow High Dolls

Fashionable, stylish, amazing Shadow High Dolls. You all have been waiting for them very much and for a very long time and finally it happened. Today we will be able to introduce you to each character Shadow High doll in more detail and also show how these dolls will look on sale. Here is a stock photos

Just look at their outfits. Fashionable and stylish during the day and just a charming second set of clothes

Review Shadow High Dolls

Recall that there are only 6 characters in the collection. Each doll is unique and has its own name.

  • Meet Natasha
  • Meet Heather
  • Meet Ash
  • Meet Nicole
  • Meet Luna
  • Meet Shanelle

What is their favorite hobby? How they look like in day and evening? How much does it cost and where can I buy such a doll? All this you can find here

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