New LOL OMG Fall 2022 Line-Up Outrageous Millennial Girls

Dear fans and lovers MGA dolls. We are pleased to announce the release of a new series of dolls. From reliable sources, we know a lot of interesting facts, photos and even the price of the new series LOL OMG Fall 2022 Line-Up which will be released this fall. Now you can choose the doll that you want to buy. Meet the newest and largest series of toys Fall 2022 Line-Up outrageous millennial girls

In this collection you will recognize familiar dolls but in a different way, you will see new dolls as well as premium class dolls. Big OMG dolls as well as their little sisters and even new LOL playsets. All this and more awaits you in the new series LOL OMG outrageous millennial girls which will be on sale in autumn 2022.

LOL House of surprises

In this series of dolls, 4 characters are waiting for you, two dolls are already familiar to you, and two you will see for the first time. Names of new dolls from this series:

  • Candylicious
  • Roller chick
  • Character 3
  • Character 4

Low budget re releases of previous core dolls


Price for one doll $21.99

Series 6 doll 2-pack

This autumn you will find a continuation LOL OMG 2-pack. You will be able to purchase completely new characters. As soon as the manufacturers provide full information and photos of new dolls, we will immediately show them to you. Inclusion of boy character unconfirmed


Price for one doll $54.99

New dolls series 6

There will be two new dolls in series 6. Their names are not yet known. Undoubtedly, they will be beautiful and just amazing like their older sisters.


Price for one doll $26.99

Guys LOL Boys series 2

By popular demand from fans, manufacturers are releasing a second series of LOL boy Guys dolls. A new character is waiting for you this fall. His appearance is not yet known, as his name. Waiting for new information


Price for one doll $26.99

707 days special editions

Dolls already familiar to many LOL OMG but in completely different images. Everything is new here: hair, makeup, clothes and of course accessories.

  • Swag
  • Neonlocious
  • Royal Bee
  • Lady Diva


Price for one doll $36.99

Collector edition and premium colector 2022

Manufacturers are preparing something new and very original for us. The new line will have really unique dolls. At the moment, their names and appearance are classified, but as soon as we receive additional information, we will immediately share with you. Judging by the price, these will be very cool dolls with wonderful accessories.


The premium doll will cost $ 99.99 and collector editions $54.99

All star sports series 3

Two more great updates. Meet two new dolls of the series 3 All stars sport. New dolls and this means new surprises and gifts


The price is $26.99

Winter fashion runway: hair stylists, fashions stylists, extreme surprises

Manufacturers decided to surprise us as much as possible this year and release a huge number of new products. We present to your attention the new series winter fashion runway. In the series Winter fashion runway hair stylists you will find 2 new dolls, in the series fashions stylists there are also two new dolls, in the series extreme surprises there are three dolls in the set at once


Price for hair stylists will be $36:99, for fashions stylists – $36:99, for extreme surprises $139:99.

Totally hairs styling head

A new series and a new doll, or rather a part of a doll. This is a special series where you can buy a part of the doll, the head. The doll will have great hair and the child can do all sorts of hairstyles


The price will be $39.99

Diner Deluxe set

Similar to splash beauty but appears to have a diner theme. The name of doll is unknown yet


The price will be $49.99

LOL color change 2022

Slim box dolls similar to OMG Swim – discount stores. Three new dolls. The name of dolls are unknown yet


The price will be $17.99

Minis & minis family series 2

Just look at them. So cute, so nice


The price will be from $ 6.99 to $10.99

Minis claw machine

This is a real playset. The set includes the whole family: father, mother and child. As well as a machine for creating Poopsie


Price for playset $49.99

Lol surprises Series 3: Masquerade and babysitter 2-packs

In LOL Surprises series 3, new dolls and new sisters are waiting for you. Even some names are already known

  • Chloe Pepper
  • Marilyn star
  • Emma Emo
  • Nia Regal
  • Misschievous

I’m sure you can find your favorite doll here


From $19.99 to $29.99

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