New Rainbow Surprise Peel Fashion 7 dolls & Slime. Release Date

We have great news for you. The company MGA plans to release a novelty among the toys of the series Poopsie. Now the dolls Poopsie Rainbow will be even more interesting, special and the slides are more beautiful. Are you ready for the novelty?

What is Rainbow Surprise Peel?

New series Poopsie Rainbow Surprise will be called Poopsie Rainbow Peel. In total, there are 7 dolls in the collection. This is not just usual dolls, but the colors of the rainbow. It means, each doll has its own specific color: only 7 colors of the rainbow. The appearance of each doll is unique. It’s easy to find out the color of the rainbow, just look at the color of your doll’s hair.

One of the important features of this series of dolls is their mobility. If you look carefully, you will see that the arms and legs of these dolls are mobile. All thanks to a special system on the arms and legs of the doll. Thus, you can change the position of the doll to any other.

Which doll will be inside as always a mystery? The complete set of dolls is likely to be as in the previous versions. Doll, clothes, slimes, shoes and additional accessories.

At the moment, we know all 7 names of this new doll. Here are the list of names Rainbow Surprise Peel fashion dolls:

  • Jade Hunter
  • Poppy Rowan
  • Skyler Bradshaw
  • Sunny Madison
  • Ruby Anderson
  • Violet Willow
  • Bella Harper

Release Date Rainbow Surprise Peel

At the moment, the exact release date of these dolls for sale is not yet known. But we can safely assume that the exit Rainbow Surprise Peel doll will be held in the summer 2020. As soon as the exact date appears, we will immediately inform you of it, be careful and follow the news.

The same goes for photographs. There are no official photos of these dolls yet. Manufacturers carefully keep this information secret, but still we managed to find a couple of photos Rainbow Surprise Peel, although the photos are not very high quality.

Where To Buy?

Like the previous series Poopsie dolls, Rainbow Surprise Peel wiil be sell at the most famous sites: Amazon, Walmart, Target. While there was no official release of these dolls, but without a doubt in the near future (March-April) manufacturers will make possible to made a pre-order for this dolls.


As for the price it is known already. One Rainbow Surprise Peel Doll will be cost $29.99.

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