New Rainbow Shadow High dolls. Fall 2022 Line-Up 

Rainbow High shadow high

Hello dear friends, Today you will find out what new items in the Rainbow Shadow High dolls series will be released this fall. In total, at least 4 different styles of these toys will be released:

  • Rainbow Shadow High series 2
  • Shadow High 2-pack
  • Shadow High fashion trunk
  • Shadow High Playset

Let’s reveal a little more information about each new product this fall 2022.

Rainbow Shadow High series 2

Shadow High series 2

The second series, like the first, will have 6 new dolls in its collection. Most likely, among them there will be 1 boy and 5 girls. Will there be 1 boy among the dolls – the information is not confirmed and is still being checked. The names of the dolls are also not yet known. But, we know how much they will cost.

Price: $29.99

Shadow High 2-pack

Shadow High 2-pack

This will be an interesting novelty for the fall of 2022. It is expected that these will be 2 exclusive dolls with accessories. Perhaps there will be 1 boy and 1 girl in the set.

Price: $69.99

Shadow High Fashion Trunk

Shadow High fashion trunk

Meet the collectible doll of the Fashion Trunk series. Her name is Ainsley Slater. You can already see her face in the picture. We expect it to come with a lot of accessories as well as a few outfits.

Price: $54.99

Shadow High Playset

Shadow High playset

An interesting playset will be released under the Shadow High series brand. Most likely it will be a trailer that transforms into a dollhouse. It can be opened and it will become even larger. More details coming soon!

Price: $69.99

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