Review Barbie Color Reveal Pets sets. Unboxing Color Reveal Pets from Mattel

Friends, today we have a special toy, this is the first one Color Reveal Pets sets. The fans liked very much Barbie Color Reveal Sunshine & Sprinkles Doll and the manufacturer decided to release a sequel. This sequel was Barbie Color Reveal Pets.

What is Color Reveal Pets

The collection includes 5 colors, 5 different pets, 5 sets of accessories. Each pet is different and has its own specific color and gifts inside. Which pet will you get mysterious. Of course, like all dolls in the series Color Reveal the pet can also change color. This is a very exciting and interesting spectacle.

Features Color Reveal pets

  • Pets

Each set has a specific pet, a dog of different sizes and colors. Each pet is dressed in a protective rain suit of the same color as his set.

  • Package

The box in which the pet is located looks like a backpack with the inscription Barbie. The color of the backpack is the same as the color of the set. It can be pink, orange, blue, purple or turquoise. This backpack can be used as a keychain, so you can always take your favorite toy with you on the go.

  • Color Reveal

Each pet can change color. To do this, you just need to put it in water and enjoy the process.

  • Accessories

Each pet comes with a set of clothes (raincoat) and glasses. All glasses are different and stylish and most importantly the same color as the whole set

What’s included in the set

  • pet
  • glasses
  • raincoat
  • pack-backpack

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