Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark bath toys. Swim, sing, water activated toys

Where to buy Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark bath toys

If your child doesn’t really like to have a bath or if you want something to amuse him in the bathroom while bathing, we have a great choose for you. Special bathroom toys from the company Zuru.

What is Zuru toys?

Zuru toys is a collection of toys specially designed for bathrooms, well actually for bath time. For various reasons, some children do not like to spend time in the bathroom for a long time or do not like the process of taking a bath at all. For such children, this series of toys was developed. Although we must say that the toys by Zuru to amuse and surprise any child. Even if your child takes a bath without any problems and gladly makes this process, toys by Zuru will surely amaze your child and make him love taking a bath even more.

How much cost Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark bath toys

Features bath toys Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark

  • Design

Toys are presented in the form of sharks, but not ordinary bloodthirsty creatures, but very cute, funny and charming sharks. Such toys develop love and interest in animals.

Review Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark bath toys

Important! “Baby Shark” series toys released in three types:

  • Mommy shark (pink colour)
  • Daddy shark (blue colour)
  • Baby shark (yellow colour)

You can buy and collect all of them.

  • Sing

One of the important features such toy is singing. Perhaps every child and not only 🙂 perfectly knows the song of the same name called Baby Shark. As soon as the toy is activated, the shark begins its active and fun song.

Release day Alive Baby Shark bath toys

  • Swim

Such a toy perfectly swim and moves in the water. The shark, as it should be for all fish, swims thanks to its movable tail. See how this toy swim in the water, just an exciting sight

How to activate Robo Alive Junior Baby Shark

If you think that the main feature of this toy is to sing and swim, then you are mistaken. The fact of activation of such a toy is no less interesting. How to turn it on? The thing is Alive Junior Baby Shark is a robot toy. Thanks to the special robot technology, the toy is activated immediately after touching it with water.

This activation takes place automatically and lasts 4 minutes. For as long as 4 minutes (immediately after the first touch with water), the toy swims and sings its wonderful song. But after the end of time (4 minutes) the toy turns off. To activate the toy again and listen to the wonderful song, you need to take the toy out of the water for a few seconds and then lower it again there and the process will start again.

Important! Recommended age for games with such toys is 3 years and older, since the toy contains small parts

Release date & Pre-Order:

Right now you can purchase one of these amazing sharks for your child. Baby Shark bath toys are in stock.


The price for these toys is different, for example mommy shark cost $ 38:96, daddy shark – $ 39:99 and baby shark (yellow one) – $ 35:99.

Short Description: Where to Buy?

Age: 3+
Gender: Girls / Boys
Size: 12 x 20 x 18 cm (4.7 x 7.9 x 7.1 inches)
Regular price: $ 40.00
Start of sales:in Stock
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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