Turning Red 2-in-1playset Deluxe Meilin doll & red Panda 2022

Friends! We are in a hurry to announce great news – the manufacturer Disney launched a new game set for sale Turning Red. I can confidently say that fans of this cartoon will really like this set.
The playset contains everything you need to role-play and modulate Meilin’s transformation into a panda. Set motto:

Transforms! Into red panda Mei!

We have previously reported on the Turning Red plush toy.

What included in the playset?

  • The set includes a doll of the main character Meilin. Doll size 6-inch. Meilin’s hair is red, which means that the transformation has taken place. Meilin has a hairbrush to comfort her panda.
  • The second main character from the set is Panda. The toy panda is perfectly similar to its cartoon character.


The price for the set is not yet known. About $29.99

Where to buy & Release

To buy this playset you can on April 4, 2022 by Amazon.

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