Godzilla 2: King of The Monsters (2019). New toys

No other monster is as iconic as Godzilla. Only King Kong can argue with him. This year (2019), our hero returns to the big screen, and children will be able to free their inner monster king with a new collection of themed toys from Jakks Pacific.

The electronic mask of Godzilla for children from three years old will help not only look like a monster, but also help to emit the terrible roar of Godzilla.

To activate the sound effects, you need to open your mouth (the mouth of the mask also opens, there is a terrible roar).

The wider you open your mouth, the more and louder growls you will hear. If you only partially open your mouth, the sound will be deeper, quieter and shorter.

If you open your mouth wider, you will hear a louder and more complete sound, which is accompanied by a backlight with blue LED indicators (from the inside of the mouth of the mask). Very realistic and convincing!

The inner part has an elastic silicone strap that fastens around the head of a child. The rubber part protects the nose. Everything is done to wear this mask was comfortable.

To expand your role-playing experience, you can play with the Godzilla: King of Monsters collection of figurines and accessories. Collector’s dream.

The Monster Battlepacks series set comes with two 3.5-inch figures (about 10 cm). The collection has three unique versions of the classic monster. The legendary monster figure (created for the fight, which is quite obvious), also comes with additions in the form of a background so that you feel that you are recreating a scene from an epic film.

The Godzilla figureOne toy is a truly giant monster: this monster figure is 24 inches in height (about 60 cm) and 36 inches in length (about 90 cm), and also moving! Children can move different points of articulation in the jaw, neck, legs, so that the figure takes pictorial, characteristic poses.

These toys are expected to be released in the spring of 2019.

Short Description

  • Age: 3+.
  • Manufacturer: Jakks Pacific.
  • Recommended price: $ 9.99-59.99, depending on the toy.
  • Where to buy: Amazon,  Target, Wallmart, Smyths Toys

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