Unicorn Advent Calendar with 24 surprises inside

For unicorn lovers we have great news – a special calendar with many unicorn figures and other unicorn accessories. In this set you will find 24 surprises. All suprises are amazing, and the accessories are very useful and will be useful to the child at school / kindergarten.

What is Unicorn Advent Calendar?

This is a special kit with 24 windows. In each window is hidden pleasant surprises with Unicorns. After unpacking all 24 windows, you can collect a real collection of special, holiday unicorns. Hurry to collect your collection. Find rare instances

Features Unicorn Advent Calendar

  • Surprises

24 surprises await you in this set. All surprises are unique and thematic. Here you will find accessories for yourself, such as bracelets or unicorn necklaces. You will also find school supplies with unicorns.

  • Rare figures

In this calendar you will find a large number of cute and unique figures with unicorns. All figures are different and unique and most importantly in the New Year theme

  • The game

If you feel bored and you want to fun, you can flip the box with the calendar and play an interesting game with your friends. The game and the rules for it are drawn on the packaging. Read the rules and start having fun.

What inside Unicorn Advent Calendar

  • 5 unicorn figures (all figures are very cute and attractive)
  • School supplies (pencil, ruler, stickers, bookmarks for books, pencil shavings)
  • Jewelry for yourself (bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings)
  • Keychain
  • Shoelaces in sneakers
  • Many other accessories

As always, unpacking a calendar is a very interesting and intriguing process. You can surprises by the numbers on the windows or in the order you like.

Release Date & Price:

New Year’s holidays are coming and all parents are looking for the best and most welcome presents for their little ones. For unicorn fans, there is nothing better than an unicorn calendar. You can purchase such a calendar in December 2019, just before the New Year holidays.

As for the price and exact release date of such a set for sale, there is no exact information on this issue yet. As soon as the information appears we will immediately inform you.

Short Info:

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: -------
Regular price:------
Start of sales:December, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart
Series:Advent Calendar

Video unpacking Advent Calendar with Unicorn


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