Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Makeup Surprise 2 series. Release Date

We’ve got the new series of our Makeup Surprise series number two to be exact. New toys from MGA. Like previously Makeup Surprise there ten slime surprises inside. There are turquoise, pink, red and purple colour of Makeup Surprises. They’ve got a cute little lamb on
the front. There are 15 of them to collect, so if you have never seen the makeup surprises these are makeup and slime and you mix them together and they come in really awesome lipstick containers.

How to make a slime use Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Makeup Surprise

  • remove everything inside the lipstick containers
  • find guide in container and find out all characters
  • unroll all surprises
  • find out a scented pearls (they smelling)
  • take a slime packets and a lip gloss
  • take a cup and special spoon
  • open lipstick containers and put there powder, add some water
  • shake all this in a few minutes, wait a 10 minutes
  • take peas and we’re gonna empty them into measuring cup
  • take ready slime and add little pearl shells, mix everything
  • you can add for slime lip gloss or eyeshadow (as you wanted)

Features Rainbow Surprise Makeup Surprise 2 series

  • Slime

First of all Rainbow Surprise Makeup this is a slime creation kit. This set will allow the child to create unique and nice slides of interesting colors and scents. The kit has all the necessary ingredients to create a unique slime, the slime of your dream. You can create the color you want. Another important feature is the aroma. The fragrance can be obtained by adding special pearls to the slime that must be crushed beforehand.

  • Makeup

In this set are also cosmetics for children. Yes you all correctly understood – cosmetics for children. For example, lipstick or eye shadow that you can use as a makeup or even add to your slime to make it even more unique and shiny.

The difference between 1 & 2 series Rainbow Surprise Makeup Surprise

  • new slimes
  • new characters (like lama)
  • new lipstick or eye shadow colours
  • new aroma
  • new surprises

What included in Rainbow Surprise Makeup Surprise

  • ┬áincludes spoon
  • measuring cup
  • collector’s sheet
  • eye shadow
  • lipstick
  • slime powder
  • pearl shells

Important! You can use the top of the lipstick package as your mixing bowl to make a slime. To make a slime correct you need wait a time (10 minutes)

Release Date & Price

This set will be on sale very soon, just a few days. To be precise Makeup Surprise 2 series will be able to buy it on March 13th you can on Amazon. Here is the link where you can order and buy this slime sets (buy Makeup Surprise 2 series) What about price? To buy such sets you can for $12:99. Here is the price for one set.

Short info

Age: 6+
Gender: Female
Size: 5 x 6.5 x 5 cm (2 x 2.5 x 1.8 inches)
Regular price: $ 12.99
Start of sales:March 13th, 2020
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

Video full unboxing Rainbow Surprise Makeup Surprise


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