Barbie 2020 Fashionistas Dolls. New Barbie & Kens Huge Collection

Today we introduce you new fashionista move dolls from Mattel. The new lineup Mattel includes 7 body types, 9 skin tones, 7 eye colors, 11 hair colors, 12 hairstyles and so many on-trend fashions and accessories!

New dolls are really special. You have not yet seen such characters, and their features are truly impressive. Undoubtedly, every girl will want to have new Barbies in her collection.

Features Barbie 2020 Fashionistas Dolls

  • New characters

This collection has many new and very interesting dolls. Here you will find 2 new Kens, as well as dolls with important features. For example, in this series there are 2 dolls with wheelchairs, as well as a doll with a skin disease. A child getting older with such a disease will undoubtedly want to acquire such a doll.

  • Detailed dolls

Dolls from this series are very detailed. This can be seen starting from their face and makeup, and ending with clothes.

  • Fashion dolls

The new Barbie series has a name Barbie 2020 Fashionistas and this, of course, is not accidental. Each doll has its own image and style. Each doll is unique and truly fashionable. Manufacturers were able to create images of fashionable dolls using modern trends and fashion.

  • Move dolls

Dolls from this series have special mobility. You can move your neck, arms (bend your elbow, forearm, wrist), bend your legs and even move your back.

Important! Each doll also has a little inspiring message on the back of packing. Read your message and find out what you want

What included in the set?

In the set you are liquefied by one specific Barbie doll (the doll that you vibrate yourself) and some accessories

  • 1 Barbie doll
  • shoes
  • glasses

In new Barbie 2020 series, 20 completely new and interesting characters are waiting for you. Here you can buy 4 Ken Barbie and 11 new, fashionable Barbie dolls. Each doll is unique and has its own image, style and special message on the box. It is especially important that every doll has moving parts of the body: head, legs, arms, elbows and even a wrist.

Release Date & Price:

Do you like such dolls? Would you like to buy it? You can make a purchase right now, because new Barbie 2020 Fashionistas Dolls are already on sale. In mid-December 2019, the company Mattel launched its new series on sale. The 15 characters can be easily purchased in Amazon.

The price of each doll is different. Basically, you can buy Barbies from this series for 9:99, but dolls with wheelchairs will cost $15:10. The rarest instances will be more expensive: for example Barbie Fashionistas Doll with Long Rainbow Hair will cost $20:57. Specify the price of each doll on the Amazon website.

Short Info:

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 12 x 5 x22.5 cm (4.5 x 2.1 x 12.8 inches)
Regular price:from $9:99 till $20.99
Start of sales:December, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart
Series:Barbie Fashionistas Doll

Unpacking all collection Barbie 2020 Fashionistas Dolls


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