T.L.C. Kritters – small and cute creatures

T.L.C. Kritters

T.L.C. Kritters from Redwood Ventures

These babies need your tender love and care!

Open the incubator and you will see two bags: one with a newborn animal, and the second with accessories-surprises that will help you take good care of the cute baby.

This is a very interesting line of collection figures of kids animals.

Each incubator includes one of eight newborn animals (Series 1), among which you can find a polar bear named Snowball Sophie, a cat Winston Whiskers and a rabbit Luna Lopsi. Minifigures are designed to play and store — or sleep — in their incubator box.

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For accessories – the second bag should be dipped in cold water: the bag falls apart, showing you the sex of your animal, delicious ribbons or bibs, nipples, bottles or pipettes, birth certificates. There is also a collector’s guide and a newborn registration card.

Quickly put on your new pet, fill a pipette or bottle with water and feed / treat the animal (twice a day). You can mark the days and times of feeding, as well as the mood of the animal.

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Take care of the baby during the day, do not forget to change his diaper. If you take off the diaper and put it in cold water, you will see a dirty diaper with Emoji pictures. Rapidly lowering it into warm water will clean the diaper and prepare it for reuse.

Especially in this series like the attention to detail. Even the incubator has an area that mimics buttons and holes. Animals are also recognizable, realistic. Interesting aspects such as a color-changing diaper inspire a child to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet.

The element of surprise when unpacking adds interest. The role element gives children a taste of what it is like to take care of animals. The toy also encourages the development of emotional intelligence and responsibility.

Short Description: Price. Where to buy?

  • Age: 6+.
  • Manufacturer: BRedwood Ventures
  • Recommended price: $ 9.99..
  • Where to buy: Target, Wallmart, Smythstoys


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