Disney Frozen 2 Christmas Stocking Surprises with Anna & Elsa

Look at our awesome toy set we have today. It’s a soft plushy frozen stocking. Ee’ve got our Anna and Elsa. And also we have some awesome sequins up on top. Since Christmas is around the corner we decided to show you the great version of gift for your babies.  Disney Frozen 2 Christmas stockings with tons of Frozen 2 items.

What inside Disney Frozen 2 Stocking Set?

  • Inside of such set you will have got tons and tons of items. Let’s get started to open it.
  • awesome frozen – snow globe with inscription “true to yourself”
  • one more frozen – snow globe with Elsa inside. Shake your snow globe and you will see a beautiful blue glitter inside
  • a squishy necklace activity with Anna
  • More snow globes. Our first one is mythical journey. Let’s go ahead and check this up. This one has turquoise glitters. Next snow globes included Olaf inside.
  • Next you will have got frozen – PFF scrunchies: one is for you and one is for your best friend.
  • Also you will have a Disney emoji. This is a little sticker squishy. You can put it whatever you want. For example you can put it on your phone. Now you have Elsa phone
  • Pop adventures with confetti inside and figure of one of the characters in the animated series. Which one doesn’t know anyone. This will be a surprise for you.
  • sinned along microphone, which you can connect your mp3 player and sing along to built-in music.
  • You have got a plushie cutesy little Olaf. This is special toy style in two rows. From one hand it is Olaf but from another it is new toy. How it is posible?
  • Another PSF set. Open it and you will have surprises for yourself and your friend.
  • the last one surprises will be aplushies toy. Which one. We do not know. Just open it.

What is special snow globe. Instructions how to use it.

In this set you will find a special snow globe. You need to get fill water and watch the surprise come alive. So it gives us little instructions, how to use such globe:

  • open lid & pour water
  • see the magic
  • which character will appear?
  • add glitter to carry our own magic.

Create a magical snow storm by just adding water! It is really fun and interesting. There are a six to collect.

Disney Frozen 2 Christmas Stocking Surprises – you will find many interesting and useful gifts. You will find not only toys, stickers, gifts for yourself and your friends (hair pins and hair bands), but also a toy that you need to make yourself. Such a set will appeal to all girls undoubtedly.

Release Date & Price:

At the time of publication this article, neither the release date for the sale of such a set, nor the exact price for one set is exactly known. Presumably, the sale of such a set is expected at the end of December, just before Christmas festivals. As soon as we know the date and price of such a set, we will immediately inform you.

Short Info:

Age: 5+
Gender: Female
Size: ------
Regular price: $ 16.90
Start of sales:the end of December, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart
Series:Frozen 2

Unboxing video Disney Frozen 2 Christmas Stocking Surprises. What inside?


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