Poopsie Sparkly Critters Series 2

Poopsie Sparkly Critters (Series 2) Surprise Slime buy in usa

Meet the second series of Poopsie Sparkly Critters, which will be released this summer! In the new series I expect 18 new heroes! Among which there are Regular animals, rare and ultra rare.

No matter what character you get – you will be happy, because they are all cute and very beautiful!

Poopsie Sparkly Critters (Series 2) real photo all animals buy on AMAZON

All the characters are divided into different clubs, each of which has its own characteristics. In total, the second series has 10 clubs. Total second series includes 10 clubs.

Full list of clubs and names of Poopsie Sparkly Critters S2 heroes:

  • Cosmic Doo Doos: Ray, Starlight, Beam.
  • Doodies of the Forest: Dulce, Dawdle
  • Early bird Turdz: Quacks
  • Junk Foodie DoooDies: King, Stripes
  • Under the Poocific: Waves, Hammer, Ocho
  • Sky Blue Doos: Puff, Midnight
  • Antfartica: Avalanche
  • Turdz of Paradise: Splits, WildBerry
  • Bougie Poops: Fluff
  • Disco Doo-Doos: Sprint

Real photos of animals from the second wave:

Poopsie Sparkly Critters (Series 2) Dawdle buy on AMAZON

Poopsie Sparkly Critters (Series 2) Fluff buy on AMAZON
Poopsie Sparkly Critters (Series 2) Puff buy on AMAZON
Poopsie Sparkly Critters (Series 2) Waves buy on AMAZON
Poopsie Sparkly Critters (Series 2) SPRINT buy on AMAZON
Poopsie Sparkly Critters (Series 2) Ocho buy on AMAZON

In the second series of Poopsie Sparkly Critters, all animals will also have a sparkling horn like a unicorn.

In the new series, the bank changed its design a bit and became even more sparkling! Rather, start unpacking to see all the new surprises of the second wave! Opening the bank the first thing you get will be:unicorn magic and unicorn shimmer.

In the updated purple bags, you can find an animal and a bottle in which you can draw water and give your pet a drink. The animal knows how to crap, and if you add the “magic of the unicorn”, you get a real slime! The main thing is to follow the instructions step by step! Then you definitely get a cool slime.

Short Description: Price. Where to buy?

  • Age: 3+.
  • Manufacturer: MGA
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Size: 10х10х 15 cm (4.00 x 4.00 x 6.00 Inches)
  • Recommended price: $ 14.99
  • Start of sales: July 1, 2019
  • Where to buy: Amazon, Target, Walmart
  • Code: 561057

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