Special Barbie Dream Camper Bubble Machine. Barbie Machine lights up, plays music and blows bubbles

Pink cute barbie car will appeal to all girls aged 1 year and up. But this is not just a pretty car, as it seems at first time, this is a real dream car. In fact, this car has many hidden and important features.

  • Appearance

This is really a car, the wheels are spinning and driving here. So you can take your car everywhere with you on the road and have fun

  • Bubbles

This is not just a machine, but a machine for making miles of bubbles. All you need to put on a mile show is to click on the barbie logo on the car and you will see a lot of bubbles. Great time to have some fun.

  • Lighting

This car has real lighting. Headlights in the car glow at night. Therefore, at night, you can also have parties and it will look special.

  • Music

What’s a party if there’s no music. But this one has it. Just imagine, you can release miles bubbles and turn on the music at this time. It will be fun and interesting. Is not it?

Where to Buy?

You can buy it now on Amazon


The price for this car is $24.99 

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