Review Barbie It Takes Two Accessory Pack. Barbie set Music Festival Theme.

This is a special series of toys from Barbie. The series t Takes Two Accessory Pack is a real play set for a child on a specific topic. By purchasing such a set, the child receives a new doll and many accessories to bring to life game moments and recreate certain scenes. Each such set is a separate topic, today we will see a doll Music Festival Theme.

Features Barbie It Takes Two Accessory set

  • new doll

Each set contains a specific doll. In this set you will find a slender brunette with dreadlocks on her head. The doll is wearing a T-shirt and shorts and slates on her feet. Glasses on the head

  • accessories

There are 11 accessories included in the set that complement the theme of the set. For example, a stylish white-pink guitar with a beautiful print. You can change accessories and recreate many scenes and new looks for the doll

What is included in set?

  •  doll
  • guitar
  • microphone
  • tambourine
  • sun hat
  • tote bag
  • hare
  • telephone
  • glasses


The price for set is $9.99

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