Review Barbie Queen Elisabeth II doll. Special Barbie Signature dedicated to 70th Anniversary

The company Mattel has released a series of dolls dedicated to certain people, people who are widely known in society. These were business people like Vera Wang. But today we have a special case. The company released a doll timed to the 70th anniversary of the most famous queen’s accession to the throne. Yes, we are talking about the queen Elisabeth II.

It is in June 2022 that Queen Elizabeth will celebrate the 70th from the day of her accession to the throne. Queen Elizabeth is depicted on the doll not at the time of her accession to the throne at a young age, but at her current age. She is portrayed exactly as many now know her.

Discreet hairstyle and make-up, a tiara on the head and a white dress with a blue ribbon over the shoulder. This is a special ribbon for special occasions. Even the box in which the doll will appear will look royal.


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