Start Sales on Amazon New LOL Surprise Furniture sets series 3. All about LOL Surprise Furniture sets 2020

Another novelty from the company MGA. Manufacturers have released a new series of toys LOL Surprise Furniture. As always, there is a lot of new and interesting things in new series.

What is LOL Surprise Furniture

This is a special series of toys in the line LOL Surprise. Many girls around the world are looking forward to new products in this series. When you buy such a toy, you will get a unique doll with a set of accessories and surprises inside, as well as furniture corresponding to the theme of the set.

Thanks to the furniture, as well as a special box that opens up and serve as a photo zone, you will get a great real house for your doll. This set is an original and very exciting doll house with everything you need. In each set you will find a specific doll, accessories for it, as well as a set of furniture. Only 10 surprises inside this set.

More details about the release date, price, as well as a full review LOL Surprise Furniture sets series 3 you will find here. Also there you will find links to order new furniture sets.

New photos LOL Surprise Furniture sets series 3


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