NERF Fortnite Rocket-firing blaster for Youth, Teens and even Adults

To buy NERF Fortnite RL Rocket-firing blaster

Company Nerf to amaze its fans with unusual Fortnight-style news. This time they surpassed themselves. Just look at this unusual and non-standard blaster in style of Fortnite

The manufacturer Nerf is actively following all the trends and new products in the world, so the worldwide popularity of the Fortnight game for the company was not news. The company decided to play this and released a series of Forntight-style blasters. What are Fortnight style blasters? These are blasters that resemble the important and most visible elements in the Fortnay game. As for this particular blaster, its developers were clearly inspired to play Fortnite. Just look at the appearance of such weapons.

Where to buy NERF Fortnite RL Rocket blaster

By purchasing such a gift for your child you will give him many positive emotions and unforgettable impressions, as well as interesting moments in life.

Features NERF Fortnite Rocket-firing blaster

  • Unique appearance

This blaster has the inscription Fortnite as well as a unique appearance. If you are a fan of Fortnite, you probably guessed what kind of weapon this blaster looks like, isn’t it.

  • Dimensions

This blaster is not just a weapon, it is a real bazooka. Just look at the size of this bazooka.

  • Rockets

This blaster fires real missiles. The kit has two rockets for firing. Only one rocket can be fired during a shot.

  • No batteries required

To play these weapons you do not use any batteries or battery devices. All shots and reloads are carried out manually.

  • Safe

Of course, for parents, the main criterion for a good child’s weapon is its safety. We can assure you that you don’t find a safer and better weapon than the Nerf blasters. The Nerf company carefully monitors and tests its weapons so that during use, no child is injured or injured. Missiles for the shot are made of special soft material which, when hit, does not injure the child. Thus, the child can play, have fun, but not get any injuries.

Review NERF Fortnite RL Rocket blaster


How to use this blaster?

To use this this blaster you need do only 3 quick steps:

  • load a rocket
  • Prime the blaster
  • press the trigger to fire

That’s all the blaster is ready to use. After the shot, use the second rocket and set it in exactly the same way (as indicated above)
By purchasing such a blaster, your child can arrange competitions with his friend or even team fights. Using such a blaster will undoubtedly defeat your child.

Date release NERF Fortnite RL Rocket blaster

Release date & Pre-Order:

This blaster will be available in early September, but already on August 31st you can pre-order one or more of these blasters. You can get it from Tuesday, Sep 10th till Friday, Sep 13th if you choose FREE Shipping at checkout or from Thu, Sep 5th if you choose paid shipping at checkout.


How much do you think this blaster can cost? Only $ 29.99 and your child will be able to get a unique and mega-strong weapon, a weapon that will win any children’s battles and fight.

Short Description: Where to Buy?

Age: 8+
Gender: Male
Size: 8 x 55 x 27.5 cm (3.1 x 22 x 11 inches)
Regular price: $ 29.99
Start of sales:in Stock August 31, 2019.
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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