The best gifts for Women’s Day in 2020. Top 15 best gifts for girls this spring

The best gifts for Women’s Day (March 8th, 2020) – interesting new items, favorite hits, new dolls, toys and more! Barbie dolls, LOL Surprise, Enchantimals, soft toys, figures, decorations, board games and much more! So, let’s look at the best ideas!

Top 15 best gifts for girls this spring 2020

  • 2020 Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie was tired of renting an apartment, and she decided to buy out the whole house! Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, Wellcome to the new Barbie Dreamhouse. This Dollhouse has 3 floors, 8 rooms, a yard, a water slide, a rooftop pool, an elevator and garage. The kitchen and dining room are located on the ground floor.

You can hear the sizzling frying pan, the ticking timer and the teapot whistling! On the 2nd floor, you will find a bathroom and a living room where you can hold pajama parties, because the sofa can be transformed into a bunk bed, and the table into a bed. On the 3rd floor there is a Barbie bedroom, as well as a wardrobe and a study. More detail about this amazing house you will find out here

  • Enchantimals: owls, deer, polar bears and others

Enchantimals is always a welcome gift! In 2020, new family sets of Enchantimals dolls with pets are released: these are polar owls, deer, polar bears. They complement the family sets presented earlier – ducks, horses and black and white cows. Total – already as many as 6 families and many other sets.


  • Pomsies – Interactive Pet

Pomsies – will be a great girlfriend for a girl, because she is incredibly smart, affectionate and fluffy. Take care of her, sing and dance together, and she will give you her love! 50 different reactions to your actions, you can stroke, hug and even tickle. The eyes glow and change color depending on the mood.

Pomsies can be used as a cute purring wrist accessory, attached to clothes, hair, a backpack and even shoes like a pompom. A special “dance mode” that can be used for a fun game with friends. More about Pomsies here

  • Hasbro Frozen 2 Pop Adventures

Hasbro Frozen 2 folding game set Adventures folding princess lock based on incredible adventures in the cartoon Frozen 2 will give an unforgettable experience to your baby. The child will open the box and be amazed at how the familiar castle arises right before his eyes! The effect of a sudden appearance is due to the material of the toys – soft plastic that folds when the kit is closed and unfolds when you open the kit. The set includes a two-story Arendale castle, which is packed in a box with a convenient handle

  • Barbie Color Reveal Series 2

This is a Barbie surprise doll. You do not know what kind of doll you come across, but it will definitely be bright and beautiful with a wonderful outfit! Having bought a Barbie Color Reveal doll you get 7 surprises. Unpacking Barbie dolls is also fun – pull the strip to remove the outer layer and open the transparent capsule.

Inside is a mysterious pink Color Reveal doll and four sachets of surprises. Remove everything, and fill the capsule with warm water, then insert the doll and twist it. You will see that the water turns pink, and when you take out the Barbie doll, you will notice that its features are revealed! More about Barbie Reveal here

  • Sonya Rose dolls – 2020 NEW

Sonya Rose dolls are collectible, but at the same time very functional. Each one has a fully articulated body, clothes and shoes are easy to remove and put on, playing with Sonya Rose is a pleasure. Sonya Rose is presented in five collections:

“Girlfriend” is a doll with accessories, household items and furniture, in casual clothes, as well as in classic and home dresses. The color scheme of the packaging of this series is sunny yellow, with bright color accents inside the box, which emphasize not only the doll, but also the accessories.

The Magic Collection is 8 dolls united by a common fairy tale legend. Each fairy has magical powers and an amulet. The legend telling about all the fairies is on the back of the box. The color scheme of the gift wrapping with a hinged lid is magical purple.

  • LOL OMG Lights Dolls

Meet the 2 wave of older sisters – they are incredibly stylish and attract the attention of everyone around, because these beauties came to surprise this world. Big and bright dolls 27 cm high, new clothes, hair, accessories. At the moment, Series 2 includes 4 stylish LOL dolls with surprises inside: Candylicious, Alt Grrrl, Busy B.B., Miss Independent.

The doll has articulated arms, which makes it possible to come up with even more interesting scenarios for the game. Playing with the L.O.L. doll SURPRISE! develops creativity, imagination and playing skills in a child. More about this dolls you can find here

  • Blume Dolls

Each doll comes in a glass pot, which can also be used to play and store the doll itself (it is very convenient to take dolls with you – each in its own pot). In order for the doll to bloom – you just need to water it with a few drops of water from a special watering can. There are 22 different dolls in the first episode and 50 dolls in 2 series Blume Baby Pop

  • LEGO DUPLO Princess

LEGO DUPLO blocks will help awaken your child’s interest in learning games. Your child can build, create and develop, because there are so many diverse possibilities. DUPLO blocks are compatible with LEGO blocks, so the child will be able to use their favorite parts in other LEGO sets.

The figures and cubes in this set are convenient for the smallest. Elsa and Olaf play snowballs and invite them to join them. You can enjoy ice cream with them, ride in the sled in the snow, and then warm yourself with hot chocolate. Parents can help the baby go through the stages of development that are important for him, moving from simple stories to role-playing games and creating their own stories.

  • Winx Dolls, Season 8

Dolls in a spectacular costume based on the 8th season. Removable movable wings with a holographic effect. Arms / legs are movable. Hinged legs. The hairbrush is made in a new design. Detachable plastic skirt covered with many sequins! Fairy hair flickers thanks to shiny locks. Dolls in 8th season has new super-power COSMIX.

  • Universe Surprise Figure

The Universe game pack with a unicorn and his friend is a great way to have fun. They are in a magic cloud. Upon contact with warm water, it dissolves, and a unicorn with a friend and 2 accessories appear. Pick unicorn accessories and find your character on a scratch card.

You can collect a collection of more than 40 cool unicorns from the fantastic worlds of Funtasyland, SweetTreatsLanding, Glam-a-GanzaLand. Included is a collector’s sheet, scratch card, which shows habits, favorite food and rarity of appearance. It is better to wash the card with a unicorn hoof. The Universe cloud is full of pleasant surprises!

  • Twisty Petz Treatz Bracelets series 4

The transformation from a toy to a bracelet (and vice versa) is very simple, does not take much time. Everything is easy and simple, and at the same time very beautiful, which is why children love these bracelets so much.

In 2020, we meet the 4th series of Twisty Petz bracelets called Treatz (Snacks / Treats). More about this interesting gifts toy can find here.

Twisty Petz Treatz Bracelets series 4

  • LOL Surprise Spring Bling Easter

Meet the spring of 2020 – the festive special Easter edition of LOL Surprise – Easter 2020 special edition. This novelty is a very cute new special edition of LOL Surprise dolls; The new release was created specifically for Easter 2020. More about this LOL you will find here

LOL Surprise Spring Bling release date

  • Hairdorables scented dolls

Hairdorables – a series of fashionista dolls with luxurious hair and bright outfits. These are 12 cheerful girlfriends, each has their own interests and hobbies, but most of all they like to change hairstyles. Their thick long hair allows you to create different images and experiment with styles.

The main thing is imagination! In the new season you will find even more outfits and accessories. 26 new images of girl bloggers. Each package still contains 1 doll and 10 different items – surprises. More about this series find here

Hairdorables Collectible Dolls – Series 4 (Styles May Vary)

  • L.O.L. Surprise! Lights glitter doll

LOL dolls are collectible surprise dolls. But this time, MGA Entertainment came up with how to surprise fans of LOL dolls. And now not only a water surprise will wait for you, as before (dolls could cry, spit, spell or change color), and now their surprise or feature also appears in the dark when the ultraviolet glow. A flashlight with the right light is sold with the LOL Lights Glitter doll.

Of course, in the LOL Surprise Lights Glitter ball you will also have surprises in bags – an outfit of LOL dolls, shoes, an accessory, batteries for a flashlight and something else. But the main surprise of LOL you will see in the dark. See more detail about L.O.L. Surprise! Lights glitter doll

L.O.L. Surprise! Lights Glitter Doll buy it now

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