L.O.L. Surprise Touch-Screen Smartwatch with Built in Selfie-Camera, Voice recorder and games

Today we want to introduce you the first smart watch from the company MGA Entertainment. This watch not only has an original appearance, it also has a large number of functions and important features that a child will really like and be very useful in daily use. You can only imagine beautiful and useful toy. To find a more original and wished gift for your child, you can not. L.O.L. Surprise Touch-Screen Smartwatch will be the best gift for New Year’s Eve and birthday for any girl.

Features L.O.L. Surprise Touch-Screen Smartwatch

  • Design

First of all, we notice the appearance of this watch. Bright, stylish, good size and most importantly with the company logo. On the inside of the watch you will find the abbreviation MGA. The watch has changeable clock faces. There are 10 doll faces which you can change every day and choose the most interesting option for you.

  • Selfie-camera

The watch has a built-in camera for shooting in selfie mode. Perhaps one of the most important features for modern children.

  • Voice recorder

Using the voice recorder function, you can record various conversations and important messages for you

  • Pedometer

All modern smart watches have an important function which called pedometer. Such function will help control the activity of the child, because modern children are often inactive and spend a lot of time at home

  • Alarm

Using this function, the child can independently go to school / kindergarten. A very convenient and important function that will help the child become more independent

  • Stopwatch

One of the many features of this watch.

  • Calculator

Perhaps it will be difficult for the teacher to guess that you are using the calculator in watch, so you will get good grades

  • Games

Despite the important and useful functions, this watch also has several built-in games that will appeal to any child. As many as 3 games you will find in this watch

  • Video

Take selfies, shoot videos or just share your photos with friends, now it has become even easier and safer.

Specifications L.O.L. Surprise Touch-Screen Smartwatch

  • This watch has a battery with a long service life that ensures continuous use of the watch throughout the day and night
  • The watch is charged via a USB cable which is also included
  • Touch-Screen Smartwatch, therefore, the screen has a good diagonal for the convenience of kids

Convenient, stylish, with a huge number of functions and important features – LOL Surprise kid’s smart watch liked all fans around the world.

Release date & Pre-Order:

In spring 2019, manufacturers MGA Entertainment surprised their fans quite unexpectedly by launching children’s watches on the market, but not just watches, but smart watches with a huge number of functions. The official first LOL smartwatch went into production on March 20, 2019. You can order them right now


The official, first watch from LOL Surprise you can buy about $ 33:24

Short Description: Where to Buy?

Type:Smart watch
Age: 5+
Gender: Female
Size: ------------
Regular price:~ $ 33.24
Start of sales:March 20, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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