Lovely Awesome Bloss’ems dolls: fragrant little flower potted little inch

Is it possible to plant a grain in magic land and grow a chrysalis out of it in just a few minutes? Of course, in the toy world this is possible. Spin Master has released an inch Awesome Bloss’ems. These babies sprout from multi-colored seeds. Unpacking the doll gives you unforgettable moments of joy and magic.

Awesome Bloss’ems Dolls

The importer of Toy-Toy Trade brings in fragrant pupae sprouting from a grain to Ukraine.

Small inches with a flower on their head were released by Spin Master in 2019. Such a toy can be a wonderful gift for the New Year 2020. Any girl will also be delighted at Christmas.

The toy is packed in a bright “flower pot”. The wrapper shows the age of the children for whom this novelty is intended – from five years and older.

A little doll grows from a seed in a flower pot Awesome Bloss’ems instruction.Also, the “Doll in Flower” sets are pasted over with a brief instruction on growing the figures and information on “Toy-Toy Trade” and Spin Master.


Unpacking Awesome Bloss’ems

Everything happens very quickly and easily, if you follow the instructions for unpacking and growing an inch from a flower seed.

Step 1. Remove the wrappers

To begin with, it is important to get rid of excess packaging. Remove the transparent film from the Awesome Bloss’ems flower pot.

Now the transparent dome-shaped lid, the pink lid, which acts as a dollhouse, can be easily removed and the first surprises appear: a bag with lilac “ground”, a green leaf (measuring spoon) and an insert with the entire collection of #awesomeblossems toys.

Step 2. Preparing the seed

A large seed with an inch flower is hidden inside a flower pot. The seed can be green, orange and other colors. It “sits” on a transparent stand and a “tail” peeks out of it. This plastic protective tape (“tail”) is very important to get out of the seeds, otherwise the doll will not grow.

Step 3. Growing a flower doll

The seed “cleaned” of excess packaging must be lowered to the bottom of an empty flower pot. Four petals (closed) should look up.

Now you need to pour lilac “ground” (a special shiny sand) into the pot, completely covering the grain.

It is better to prepare a container with water in advance. With the help of a green leaf, which currently serves as a measuring spoon, you should water the lilac earth in the center. Pour 4-5 tablespoons of water (full leaves).

Step 4. Awesome Bloss’ems

Watering the earth in a flower pot, it is better not to look away from the lilac sand. After about 4-5 tablespoons of water, a pupa will grow from the center. She supposedly jumps out of the seed, but is still attached to it.

Step 5. Awesome Bloss’ems Doll

Thumbelina must be removed from the “hook”, which grows from a grain and holds the toy in place. This hook wraps around the neck of a small figure, and the baby’s legs are perfectly fixed in the stand of the grain.

After releasing the toy, you can figure out which club #awesomeblossems it belongs to.

In series 1 of fragrant flower toys Awesome Bloss’ems 26 figures. Five are represented in five clubs:

  • So wild
  • Sweet chic
  • Posh Floral
  • Fierce petals
  • Fashion buss

And one toy is unique. This super-rare precious baby in a tiara has a real 0.1 carat diamond fixed (3,000 of these dolls were released in the first episode).

Step 6. Decorating the dollhouse

When the unpacking of the toy is completed, you can start decorating the dollhouse in a flower pot.

The pink lid can be returned to its place after freeing the pot of purple sand.

On the pink cover there are two mounts for the green leaf. Now it can turn into a hammock on which the little Awesome Bloss’ems loves to relax.

There are two thin recesses on both sides of the lid. In them, you can install paper flower bushes Awesome Bloss’ems, which come in a set. Also, a pillow and a handbag for a toy should be squeezed out of a piece of cardboard.

Decorating the lid with a hammock and green bushes, placing the chrysalis in a hammock, you can close the created panorama with a transparent dome. Now the little inch lives in a house.

Release Date:

Buy it now on Amazon in the USA.


Recommended retail price in the USA – $27,90



Manufacturer:Awesome Blossems
Age: 5 - 7 years
Gender: Female
Size: 3 x 8.9 x 5 inches
Regular price: $27,90
Start of sales:Octoder 1, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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